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#1 2011-09-13 06:10:22

Tank Top
Registered: 2009-10-06
Posts: 117

Something Weird

I don't know if I'm the only one who experienced this but for the last day and a half (since last night some time) This site had been doing some weird stuff.  For awhile it was redirecting to some straight porn sight after about a minute.  Then it started opening up popups (also straight porn... ICK) and then earlier today I couldn't navigate away from the main index page, nor close my browser without getting a popup telling me to press ENTER if I wanted to close the browser.  I instead used my Task Manager to close my browser as I didn't want to click on anything at that point.  Now (it's about 2 am Eastern time) everything is working fine.

Has anyone else had a similar problem recently?

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#2 2011-09-16 05:36:44

Butt Nacked!
From: Georgia
Registered: 2010-06-17
Posts: 465

Re: Something Weird

I did but it was back over the weekend and first part of the week.

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#3 2011-09-16 23:49:51

Butt Nacked!
From: Kansas City, MO, USA
Registered: 2007-03-09
Posts: 2753

Re: Something Weird

The forum was hijacked by a trojan program which automatically redirected you to one of several phishing sites. I let Square know and he kicked its little virtual ass.

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