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#1 2011-09-29 11:08:58

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Spunkmeyer from Aliens

I've had a thing for Daniel Kash, or more accurately Private Spunkmeyer from Aliens since I first saw the movie as a teenager in the 90's, I just remember thinking that out of all the marines he'd be the one with the hairiest arse, he just looks the type.

I've waited years for pics of his shirtless scene, after leaving cryo, to appear but they never have, I tried to get a few shots myself last night, with a camera taking pics of my TV, there must be a more technical way!

Here are a few pics I took in case anyone else has an Aliens/Spunkmeyer thing going on like I do.

Check that first pic out and you can just imagine he wouldn't care who blew him as long as it was good. 8)

e d i t

In a move approaching universal weirdness someone on the Aliens board finally replied to my screen cap me some Spunkmeyer pics and made the ones that look more professional above.

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