Kevin Spacey in American Beauty

Kevin Spacey Shirtless

Back when I watched “American Beauty”, one of the most awesome movies ever made I was busy focusing on Wes Bentley’s unflattering shirtless scene. It’s just natural selection at the time. Little that I know a few years later I would find Kevin Spacey’s hairy chest more interesting than ever. Sure, he looks a tad less appetizing now but back in this film, the uberly talented and most-probably-gay-but-I guess-we’ll-never-know Kevin looks nothing but hot. Sizzling hot. I’ve also included some skin from Wes Bentley and Peter Gallagher.
I don’t know about you but at this day and age, I find the suburban dad types (in movies and real life) are extremely sexy. Don’t forget to see Aaron Eckhart in Towelhead and Doug Savant if you have similar interest. Read more

Wes Bentley in Soul Survivors

Wes Bentley Shirtless

For someone as dangerously good looking as Wes Bentley, I think it’s not fair for his career to not take off because I think the only film he was in is “American Beauty”, and that was like a decade ago. Maybe he needs a new agent, publicist, a recurring role in some vampire show, something! Since Hollywood is all about how a person looks like, maybe he has too many to be unique. Let’s see — Tobey Maguire, Ian Somerhalder, Jim Sturgess, Joaquin Phoenix, Kevin Zegers and even mah husband all rolled into one neat package. These shirtless caps of Wes are capped by Cosmic Danny over at the forums, among a few other eye candies which will be featured here later. Enjoy! Read more