Because The World Needs More Scott Evans

Scott Evans Shirtless

My super psychic power said that you guys need more furry hotness from Scott Evans, so here they are from a recent episode of “One Life to Live”, capped by the fantastic DaveId at Dreamcaps a while back. This super adorable cub is everywhere these days, but I believe they don’t manipulate him well enough. I mean, a gay rag cover with a shirt on? It is not right. Anyways, between you and me — these images will be the major attraction in my wet dreams tonight. Brett Claywell is equally yummy, bur I think I’ll replace him with a shirtless, towel wearing Chris Evans. WHO SAID THAT? Read more

More Scott Evans in One Life to Live

Scott Evans Shirtless

Right. So after a devastating and absolutely heartbreaking day yesterday, I have finally gathered myself and gained enough strength to resume our regular drooling sessions. Things I do for humanity! First up, Scott Evans from “One Life to Live”. Chris did the right thing by stepping out of the limelight because I’m not sure how I would divide my attention if these two brothers are in the same screen. These shirtlessness of a recent episode capped by the good ol’ Superherofan and I think he has now enough fans who are genuinely into him not because he is some sex god’s younger brother. They totally have different appeal and for some reasons I prefer to cuddle with this one more than the other. Read more

Scott Evans in One Life to Live

Scott Evans Shirtless

No more guessing. The truth is out. Scott Evans is a hairy bugger but he CLIPS! Or so I thought. It’s not the most noble thing to do, but I forgive him because of his generosity. These shirtless caps of Chris’ gay brother are from “One Life to Live” capped by Superherofan, who has just recovered from a couple of days of downtime. Welcome back, mate — the world is a very dull place without you. Speaking of Chris Evans, is it just me or does anyone else beginning to feel to void of not having his hairy chest in our lives after his shirtless ban a while ago? Well, at least I didn’t dream about it. Yet. Read more

Scott Is Chris Evans’ Brother and I Stand A Chance

Scott Evans

I’ve been meaning to blab something about Scott Evans, Chris Evans’ slightly chunky, real looking brother for a while. Just look at him! My heart melts every single time. I’ve posted this little known hottie a few months back as the ‘hot extra’ on “Fringe” and thanks to you wonderful commenters, we now know that he’s gay and all kinds of hot. As for the shirtlessness, I’m 100% sure Scott has some decent forestation in there, as proved by his oh so famous brother (yes, that’s four freakin’ pages of furry goodness — hope you can handle it). Scott Evans and Chris Evans. In a room. Um okay, I’ll see you later because some serious imagining need to be done! Read more

Thom Evans, Just Because

Here’s the current British sex on legs Thom Evans enjoying the sun in Naples, Italy in a pair of demure non-attention seeking orange speedos. Thom is not playing rugby anymore, so he’s doing everything just right in the manwhore’s guide to out manwhore yourself (written by Joe Manganiello of course). You know that Attitude cover is only the beginning, because I’m sure a lot of exploitation plans are being made to fully utilize his recent successful comeback to the libido market. The more I look at Thom, the more I’m convinced that Matt Bomer and Roger Federer somehow had a secret baby made on a Scottish rugby field! Read more

Chris Evans is Captain America

Chris Evans Shirtless

After months of hunk searching (story of my life), they have finally confirmed that Chris Evans is Captain America. I bet my favorite stuffed animal (because I’m broke at the moment) on at least one very decent shirtless scene in the film, because it’s just plain wrong not to have one. Chris Evans can never run away from the fact that he’s the object of everyone’s affection. Let’s just hope he keeps his follicles healthy. Okay, I just need an excuse to post his shirtless picture above. It’s nice that he stepped away from the shirtless limelight for his delectable and equally furry brother, but it has been too long. Read more

Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott Shirtless

Okay, so for the longest time, Seann William Scott shares a page with Ashton Kutcher and I’ve said it (so were you guys) before that they need to get their own page, especially Seann. Well, here it is! Although it seems that Seann’s body is RIPPED, LEAN, and has absolutely zero percent body fat, it’s a pity that most of his movies only feature a measly amount of unshirted time. It’s a waste of eye candy I tell you! For instance, in the 2002 movie The Rundown (or Welcome to the Jungle to some), why on earth they cut to another shot while Seann William Scott takes off his shirt to swim to the waterfall? Can’t the editors just wait until that lean body of his finished to be uncovered? Read more

2009 in (Shirtless) Pictures

2009 Favorites

Yes, I know that we’re well more than a week into 2010 but this has become some sort of a tradition since last year so let’s have a quick (or thorough, whichever you prefer) look back into a good year of shirtlessness; from news to films to television to everyday discoveries. Your crotches will thank you for this!  Read more

3 Reasons Why I Keep Watching Fringe

Mark Valley, Joshua Jackson and Scott Evans in Fringe

Back in high school, I would die over “X-Files”, not because of Fox Mulder but mainly because I wanted to be Dana Scully. I even excel (kinda) at bio just so that I can be more Scully-like. True story. “Fringe” however, failed to capture my attention as much as “X-Files” but I’m going to continue watching it anyway, because of these reasons along with few shirtless caps, of course. That cuckoo doctor isn’t one of them, surprisingly. He needs to get his shit together because his crazy tricks are getting tired and unfunny. Read more

2012 in (Shirtless) Pictures

2012 Favorites

Because the world didn’t end last week, we shall have the privilege to look back at the year in shirtlessness. And I am giving myself a pat at the back for doing this today, not tomorrow unlike what my procrastinating ass told me to. Despite some absence, this joint has 13 million visits in 2012 according to semi-reliable sources. That’s a lot of drool and a lot of pretending you’re doing the spreadsheet while actually trying hard not to lick the screen. My gratitude. Here are some of my favorite posts of the year. Read more