Aaron Eckhart 3

Aaron Shirtless Eckhart in Meet Bill

Aaron Eckhart has proved to us that even with an awful haircut and belly the size of a house, he still manages to look like someone’s dad we all want to shag. Is it the beautiful pillow asschin? Perhaps the piercing sexy eyes? I hate that the film capped here, “Meet Bill” shows something that I never want a guy to do — shaves all of his body hair. Including legs. It’s all kinds of wrong, like turning a baby turtle upside down. Someone please tell me that’s a fake layer of chest and prosthetic gut on his body. I want to believe! Read more

Aaron Eckhart 2

More Aaron Eckhart Shirtless in The Core

The hottest thing in craptastic disaster flick “The Core” wasn’t all that burning magma, but actually Aaron Eckhart’s furry chest. It’s funny how a man this hot has little shirtless devotion on the net, and this film has provided enough skin to make us sweat. He is one of the earliest hotties I’ve featured in this website and now it’s about time this hot piece of mancandy gets his second altar. Aaron is one of those guys you don’t mind having his toejam served on toast for breakfast and supper. Okay, that wasn’t meant to be said out loud. Anyways, these sweaty, shirtless pictures of (one of) my husbands, Aaron Eckhart are from “The Core”, and nothing else could top the temperature he generates in it. Nothing, I tell you! Something tells me that I should put him with Mike Rowe in the same room and have uhm, afternoon tea together. Read more

Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart Shirtless

Oh, my gosh! If I were to be stranded on an island, I want to be living with this guy. Aaron Eckhart is a man’s man, he’s rugged and handsome and makes me melt everytime. He reminds me of a young Harisson Ford; not that the acting isn’t as good though! Here are some pictures of shirtless Aaron Eckhart in Posession. Gosh! Read more

Finn is All You Need

Finn Wittrock Shirtless

Furry men are really everything – but sometimes you just want a smooth, tattoo-less all American piece and Finn Wittrock fits the bill. This shot is from the film “All My American” and although I’d prefer Aaaron Eckhart myself, but once in a while someone like Finn is just what you need. Read more

Wake-up Call

Aaron Eckhart Shirtless in I, Frankenstein

Yes bitches, it’s time to wake the fuck up and witness the fitness of one of my crotch’s favorite snack Aaron Eckhart in “I, Frankenstein” via EW. This is clearly to keep up with the stupid monster-turned-hero trend which is going on in Hollyweird for some time but hey, it’s Aaron bloody Eckhart, he’s shirtless, fit as fuck and it’s ALL THAT MATTERS. Read more

Guess This Shaved Chest

I don’t mean to spoil your Sunday but this post just had to be done. It’s our first guessing game for 2011 and I’m sad to say it’s for a shaved chest. Who might be the owner of this completely deforested real estate? The term DILF came to mind, and this is hart-ly surprising since he has done LIVE chest mutilation in one of his films before. Guess before you click! Read more

Survivor Saviour

Chase Rice of Survivor Shirtless

I’m not sure how many of you are actually still watching “Survivor”, but I’ll be surprised if there are more than 5 (me included). Honestly, my ass couldn’t care less about this show anymore but the only thing that keeps me licking the screen every week is this piece of walking SEX and not so distance cousin of Aaron Eckhart also known as Chase Rice, prancing around with his shirt off. I mean, just look at this heavenly slice of manbeef. Need I say more? The scruff, the naturally smooth perfection of a body, those big, deep blue eyes. Well, if the million dollar thing doesn’t work out for him, there’s always Sean Cody. We all know that. Read more

Things Are Going Fine

Aaron Eckhart Shirtless

Like Aaron Eckhart’s chest hair, things are going fine at this website. I’m just a little busy that’s all. We saw a lot of cruel things happened to that part of his body and in case you missed out, a good example can be seen here (proceed with caution). Since then, Mr. Eckhart’s pec pubes has been through an intensive therapy and now we  can breathe a sigh of relief that it is a-okay. These crops are from “Love Happens” trailer, which looks pretty boring but thanks to the 2 second glimpse of his chest, I will now torture my eyeballs to see this. Also, I’m not too keen on his hair color. Gingy, but it’s not right. New post will emerge tomorrow so stay tune, folks! Read more

Sam Jaeger in Eli Stone

Sam Jaeger Shirtless

Once upon a time, Aaron Eckhart and (pre-shaved) Matthew Fox made love and produced a baby together. His name is Sam Jaeger and he currently stars in SyFy’s “Eli Stone”. I’ll go out on a limb and label this one as adorkable, although he doesn’t really fit the mold. These are from a recent episode of “Eli Stone”, and I also threw in some Jonny Lee Miller as well. See, I didn’t use the H word at all today. What a huge feat that was! Read more

Guess This Hairy Chest

Aaron Eckhart Shirtless

So… Friggin’… Easy. Nothing much today so hope this will entertain you guys for a few minutes a while. Read more