So This Happened…

Henry Cavill Shirtless on Instagram
So Henry Cavill finally gave in to the “look at me” army after a few mediocre attempts on Instagram and decided to hire some PR and social media consultants. YES. This carefully curated shot of him airing his nipples out was posted over the weekend and obviously ovaries are exploding everywhere. Well, I guess better get on the narcissistic train later than never. Now back to the furry abs… Read more

Some Good Old School Beef for the Weekend

Jason Brooks Shirtless in Friends

Still keeping in the towel theme, here’s a classic piece of manbeef so your Sunday lunch. After all these years, nobody makes me feel the same way like Jason Brooks. These vintage(?) caps from “Friends” remind me of how hot he was back in the pre-selfie days. Simply effortless! Read more

I Know You’ve Been Waiting…

Aidan Turner Shirtless in And Then There Were None

After what seems to be AGES since my last post, you would think I’m coming up with something clever to write but the truth is when you’re off it for so long it’s just not going to happen. YES this joint is still open for business, and YES the owner still (barely) lives in the small hidden room at the back. Work is being evil to me, but I’m doing my best to find time to post. For now, I’m going to ease myself on to the saddle and stick with the weekend posts and expect them to be brief as we have A HELL LOT TO CATCH UP ON. Thanks for all those who sent the “where the fuck are you email” – I really appreciate them! To whet your appetite, here’s the new James Bond (we live in hope) Aidan Turner showing them manwhores how to wear a towel from “And Then There Were None”. Enjoy! Read more

This is What Perfection Looks Like

Real Life Prince Eric

When I first looked at the series of photorealistic renditions of your childhood mantasy (yes, that just happened) by Jirka Väätäinen, I quickly made sure that Prince Eric is there and yes he’s basically everything I had hoped and more (which is basically a lovechild of John Stamos, James Wolk and Matt Bomer long, steamy threesome . Then after that high, I sank into a low when I realised there is no Gaston, which still remains the king of my cartoon libido for all eternity. Read more

Happy Monday!

Noah Mills Shirtless Office Workout

This video is pretty pointless and unrealistic, but no doubt will sell a few more copies of Vogue. In a real world, especially if my desk is in close proximity to Noah Mills wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and sneakers – he wouldn’t even have a chance to do ANYTHING. Yes, that black piece of clothing will go first. Because mine will be pretty much a shitstorm, here’s wishing everyone to have a much better week ahead! Watch the video after the jump. Read more

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Extant

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Shirtless in Extant

I’m not sure what I’d do when Jeffrey Dean Morgan standing at the door with trousers half undone as seen here in “Extant”, because there are so many possible outcomes. Next week is going to be hell, so I’m just going to keep the words to the minimum and while maximising the visuals. Read more

Robert Kazinsky in Hot Pursuit

Robert Kazinsky Shirtless in Hot Pursuit

You know, it’s guys like Robert Kazinsky that always make me come back to blogging and it seems like he has been pretty busy since “True Blood“, with a stint in the much anticipated “Warcraft” film. These are from “Hot Pursuit” capped by Jair and to be honest, do you really need to read more ramblings from me with that teaser above staring at your crotch? NO. Read more

Wake-up Call

O2 Rugby Advert

Monday is always dreadful, but let me soften the blow with these two sweet words – RUGBY THIGHS. These people need to learn when you have a rugby player’s crotch so close to your head, the last thing you’d want to do is face THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Here’s one of the manbeef featured to make up for lack of skin in spot for O2 Priority Take That and England Rugby. Watch the advert featuring several chunky thighs after the jump. Read more

Oh Hai There, Dominic Boeer

Dominic Boeer Shirtless in Mannerhort

You know, sometimes you CAN have everything. I like Stephen Dorff and I like tall men, but the two don’t really go together and I’m happy with that – but you certainly have both with this fine German piece. Dominic Boeer is like the 6’1 version of Stephen Dorff and probably come from the same gene pool. These are from German film Männerhort capped by Jair of which I’d imagine he played a minuscule but SUBSTANTIAL part. I’ll do more research on this hunk because he has the “doing it on the kitchen counter / mummy friendly” balance. Also, the forum is back up! Read more

Everything’s Fine

Matthew Lewis Shirtless in Attitude Magazine

Yes, the site has gone down for the past week due to a ridiculous error or so and now I’ve managed to put it back up. Thanks for all the heads up. I hope you accept my sincere apologies in the form of Neville Longbottom in all his trimmed glory shot by Joseph Sinclair from the latest issue of Attitude magazine. Work has been consuming me like death eater from the inside, but once I get the hang of balancing posting and paying them bills – everything will be fine. Read more