Better in HD: Antonio Banderas in Original Sin

Antonio Banderas in Original Sin

I have to admit the main reason I revived this post is because I didn’t get to post enough of the mustachioed Thomas Jane and Antonio Banderas sucking tongues (well, one would hope) in 2001 erotic thriller “Original Sin“. Even when Antonio Banderas was my everything, the moment I saw Thomas Jane in that wig and mustache, I knew he’s going to be a major star in my dreams one day, and he really did! Read more

Toni Cantó in The Last Match

Toni Canto Shirtless in The Last Match

Time to move a little bit further into the age scale. Toni Cantó is a Spanish actor turned politician and he has starred in a few films including “All About My Mother” in the last few years. This is his more recent work “The Last Match” (“La Partida” in Spanish) set in Havana, Cuba and featuring this hot scene. May I suggest a sequel with Brian Paddick and me in the middle? Synopsis and trailer after the jump, which contains YouTube grade man ass. It’s ART so deal with it! Read more

Hollywood’s Hardest Working Manwhore in Baby Daddy

Derek Theler Shirtless in Baby Daddy

All that manwhoring on “Baby Daddy” must be so tiring, so let’s leave Derek Theler alone while he catches up with some sleep… QUICK, SOMEONE HIDE HIS TRIMMER! Read more

Here’s Another Canadian Ginger For Your Consideration

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in The Following

Not sure what’s happening recently, but it seems that we have an invasion of furry Canadian gingers and that can only be a fucking good thing! In addition to this and this, here are some shirtless screen grabs of another furry Canadian ginger Shawn Ashmore from this week’s episode of FOX’s “The Following”. Now, this is the right amount of facial pubes for me. Read more

Wake-up Call

Chris Hemsworth Shirtless in Thor: The Dark World

It’s the first day of spring and this morning is brought to you by the veiny arms of Australia’s finest piece of manbeef Chris Hemsworth as the sPECtacular god of thunder from down under (sorry)  in “Thor: The Dark World“. While the first instalment made good use of all that offering, this time it was too subtle and I’d say NOT ENOUGH – 20 seconds out of 2 hours to be exact. That’s precisely a pathetic 0.74%. Well, at least I get to post the second incarnation of Fandral which is basically a blond Flynn Rider played by Zachary Levi so that’s a big consolation. Read more

Stephen Dorff in Rites of Passage

Stephen Dorff Shirtless in Rites of Passage

I’m not exactly sure what Stephen Dorff eats or does to keep his body EXACTLY the same in the span of 10 years since “Cold Creek Manor”. These are from 2011 straight-to-DVD thriller “Rites of Passage” (UK) with a gratuitous display of his well maintained body along with other younger beefcakes including Travis Van Winkle, Wes Bentley and Guy Burnet. With all his attitude and that orgasmic sideway smile, I think we all can forgive him for being consistent in not letting his chest hair be great. Read more

Attack of the Ginger Beard

Model Kenny Brain Shirtless in Big Brother Canada

It seems that this hot bearded ginger piece is grabbing the blogging world on it’s crotch, so it’s only natural he ends up here as well. Kenny Brain is a niche lumberjack hipster (okay, not really) model and a contestant of Canadian “Big Brother”. Although all ginger, the beard is too homeless chic for me but I’m sure some of you would take him home. These are capped by Sissy Dude (NSFW) featuring him pouring oil over himself, as you do on “Big Brother”. Maybe they should take away his trimmer from the house and see what happens. Less on top, more below I’d say. Read more

Finally, A Film About Cam Gigandet’s Penis

Can Gigandet in Bad Johnson

Isn’t that what we’ve all been waiting for? Obviously yes and if you’re say no you’re basically lying to yourself. Conceptualized from the deepest trenches of your libido, out come a film about Cam Gigandet’s penis in the form of furry Nick Thune. Cam needs a lead role that will exploit his hotness further and this mess is it. “Bad Johnson” is opening in theatres May 2nd. Trailer, after the jump – is it just me or is that Tom Cruise circa “Vanilla Sky” poking out of his boxer briefs? Read more

Taking Boywhoring to a New Height

Tom Daley in London Aquatics Centre on Google Street View

Since his shit show “Splash” is getting canceled and Rio 2016 is too far away, Tom Daley needs to be creative and find other avenues to outwhore himself. Do you remember when was the last time you’ve seen a half naked manwhore on Google Street View? A first in the history of manwhoring, now you can do a 360 view on those speedos London Aquatics Centre in Stratford, UK. The only thing  he shouldn’t be happy about is the fact that they blurred out his face because it defeats the main purpose of this exercise. Explore the um, venue among other things after the jump. Read more

Some Continental Hotness to Start the Week

Ben Braun Shirtless in Herzflimmern

I know the times they are a-changin’, but when you want a proper serving of hairy deliciousness you really have to venture outside Hollywood, across the pond and further into the continent. This is German actor Ben Braun from short lived telenovela “Herzflimmern” sent by reader JRM. We have to leave it to our German readers to provide more in-depth information about this hot piece but for now – let’s shut the door, drop your panties and enjoy everything Ben has to offer. Read more