Kevin Spacey in American Beauty

Kevin Spacey Shirtless

Back when I watched “American Beauty”, one of the most awesome movies ever made I was busy focusing on Wes Bentley’s unflattering shirtless scene. It’s just natural selection at the time. Little that I know a few years later I would find Kevin Spacey’s hairy chest more interesting than ever. Sure, he looks a tad less appetizing now but back in this film, the uberly talented and most-probably-gay-but-I guess-we’ll-never-know Kevin looks nothing but hot. Sizzling hot. I’ve also included some skin from Wes Bentley and Peter Gallagher.
I don’t know about you but at this day and age, I find the suburban dad types (in movies and real life) are extremely sexy. Don’t forget to see Aaron Eckhart in Towelhead and Doug Savant if you have similar interest. Read more

The Fuzz Has Returned

Aaron Eckhart Shirtless in Towelhead

Houston, we are very happy to report that there have been some active vegetation activities on planet Eckhart’s Chest. Roger and out! These quick caps are from “Towelhead” a brilliant but very disturbing film. I can sleep better at night after looking at these, because the last time Aaron got shirtless on screen he almost gave me a heart attack. Read more

GQ Men of the Year

GQ Men of the Year

And I care because my potential husbands (Jon Hamm, Aaron Eckhart, Brandon Flowers), unconventional sexiness (John Malkovich), hottest president ever since JFK (Barack Obama) and general hotness (James Franco, Jason Statham, Leonardo DiCaprio) are in it. Not sure if I should warn you about the non-shirtlessness in this post but we’re all adults right? I’m sure we can handle clothed men as well as the shirtless ones. And if it’s any consolation, the Phelps gets an exception. Here are some of my favorites, after the jump. Read more

What the Hell?

Long Ashton Football Club Players Shirtless

What in the hairy chest hell is this? Call the human rights activists! You don’t do that to a perfectly fine forestry on a (really hot) guy’s chest! You just DON’T! Seeing Aaron Eckhart shaving his chest is one thing but this? I need to sit down and have a drink, it’s too much for my fragile heart. Read more

Paul Blackthorne 2

More Paul Blackthorne Shirtless in Lipstick Jungle

Hello carpet! No, of course not the one on the floor. By carpet I mean the untamed, shaggy fur overlay on Paul Blackthorne’s chest during last week’s “Lipstick Jungle”. Now that Carlos Ponce is sort of gone, thank goodness Robert Buckley isn’t the only one who gets to take his shirt off on the show. We already have Paul from the first season but since there was so much smoothness going on last week, I thought the site could use a breath of fresh (h)air. Plus, I’ve always thought the sight of a hot hairy guy shaving (his face, not chest) is kinda hot. Enjoy! Read more