Earth to Meekus – It’s a Knockout!

Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless in M Magazine

Alexander Skarsgard certainly has come a long way from here. Okay, you all can put your pitchforks down now – because today we have a prime slab of Swedish man beef here that needs tending to. Also, put all your hands down because we don’t need volunteers as I have elected myself as the head and only nurse. It will be a long night as there’s quite a large surface area that needs to be covered by my tonguebath treatment. These are shot by Matthew Brookes for the latest issue of M and thank Thor it’s all make up because Alexander Skarsgard is basically perfection and you don’t mess with perfection. Read more

Guess This Furry Chest


If you can’t guess this correctly based on the tags provided, then you really should quit the internet. I’m serious! Read more

Sam Trammell and The Usual Suspects in True Blood (with Chris Bauer!)

Sam Trammell Shirtless in True Blood

Over the years, I have developed a personal relationship with Sam Merlotte’s hairy chesticles. They’re meaty, hairy and absolutely lickable. The fifth season premiere of “True Blood” last Sunday did not disappoint and I’m glad they have decided to cram in skin scenes from the usual suspects – Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard. Hell, they have even thrown in an equally delicious Chris Bauer scene too (let’s hope this will be a common occurrence). Enjoy! Read more

Right Click > Set as Wallpaper

With all this shirtlessness coming at you left right and centre, let’s give your crotch a short break that it deserves. Let’s try, anyway. This post doesn’t have any kind of skin but it has Alexander Skarsgard in what looks like the outfit from your imaginary wedding with him on many nights holding an adorable baby lamb in Bullett Magazine. Not sure if it beats this fluffy pussy but this is the kind of imagery that should grace your computer’s desktop at the office. It’s cute, boss-friendly but still manages to ruin your panties when you want it to. Read more

Get Your Kleenex Ready, The Buffet is Served

Joe Manganiello Shirtless as Alcide in True Blood

And as always, we have only the finest cuts of meat on the table! The only thing to do after reading this succulent post is to lock the door, find that box of Kleenex of which I’m sure you don’t have to since it’s always located near the screen and spend some quality time with yourself (of course I’m talking about me). Despite the lack of body hair, Joe Manganiello does a lot of damage to my crotch with his ALL YOU CAN EAT hot cross buns of a torso. Also served on the buffet table, Ryan Kwanten’s ripped body (ha-ha) and Swedish meatcake Alexander Skarsgard, all capped by Superherofan. Enjoy! Read more

His Body is Ready

Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless

It’s a known fact that Sweden’s biggest gift to the world isn’t flat packed furniture, but Alexander Skarsgard’s flat packed washboard abs. He was particularly generous in the last episode of “True Blood”, so here are some caps by Superherofan. I would like to point out that it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see those follicles on his chest. That body is just perfect. Read more

Best Premiere Ever

A stand off between two pairs of furry man tits? Oh Alan Ball, you’re too much sometimes! Everybody knows that the “True Blood” season premiere last Sunday was the best premiere in the history of everything in like, forever. This post however, is focusing on what your eyes tattooed on the back of your brain while watching it — two amazing furry pecs in very close proximity to each other which belong to Sam Trammell and Stephen Moyer. I want to see the rest of the scene please, because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t end there! In other follicle news, it’s official — everyone on “True Blood” is furry including Alexander Skarsgård! These are capped by Superherofan and head over there when the boss isn’t looking. You know you want to. Read more

This Hunk Calendar Madness Has to Stop!

12 Men of Christmas

Okay, not really. You know I’m forever grateful for this rising trend, but shaved chests? Really? These monthly eye candies are from Lifetime’s hyped out “12 Men of Christmas” starring Josh Hopkins and Kristin Chenoweth. Of course, they have been on every blog known to man but as always, I am the last one to post them. But you’ll drool anyway, right? RIGHT? We’ll have a look at each month with equal use of brain and crotch at the same time. It’s a hard feat, but I’ll try. Read more

Adorkable of the Month: Jim Parrack

Jim Parrack Shirtless

During one of the scenes with Hoyt in the last “True Blood” episode, I melted into a puddle of warm manty pudding when he said to Jessica, “Don’t be embarrassed about what you are…”. Damn. With a mouthwatering plethora of hunks in the series, we rarely see Hoyt without his shirt on, but he is exactly one of the reasons why I created this website in the first place. Underrated hotness rules! It’s pure hard work to see through the yumminess of Ryan Kwanten, Stephen Moyer, Nelsan Ellis, Alexander Skarsgård, Mehcad Brooks and Sam Trammell (just to name a few) to find the one and true undiscovered adorkable.

One might see a bit resemblance to mah first husband, but I’d like to think that Jim has his own droolworthy power over me (okay, maybe not… Jason Sudeikis is mah EVERYTHANG). I’m pretty sure we’ll get more of Hoyt’s skin display in tonight’s episode, but for now I present you some shirtless caps of our Adorkable of MAY (again, shut up), Jim Parrack! Read more

A Perfect Husband?

Sam Trammell Shirtless in True Blood

That question mark was necessary, because I didn’t really mean the above picture is my PERFECT husband. You know my heart belongs to some people and it forever will be. That’s deep. Anyhoo, we now know the hottest guy on “True Blood” (according to me), Sam Trammell is a shapeshifter and not only he can transform into animals, he can transform into humans too! Okay, that pretty much solved all my problems and we can all wrap up and go home now. Sudeikis on Monday, Krasinski on Tuesday, Hamm on Wednesday, Bartha on Thursday — the possibilities are endless! Heck, I can have a different husband a day for the rest of the year, all for the price of one! That being said, since it’s only a TV show, you know it’s all imaginary and stuff. My true husbands on the other hand are not. Kinda. Whatever. Read more