One of Your Late 90s Dreams is Coming Back to Haunt You

Ben Adams Shirtless in Attitude Magazine

In a good way of course! I was a major boyband whore back in the late 90s so A1 is very familiar to my crotch. For those of you who are not well versed in boyband speak or was born after 1995, A1 is an English-Norwegian group and they’re like the Union J (One Direction being Backstreet Boys)  of 1999-2001. Further information can be found on their website which looks like it was designed by a teenage me circa with an emboss effect addiction 1995 so it’s awesome. Anyways, they’re making a comeback in ITV’s “Big Reunion 2014” and one of their members Ben Adams has been hit with the HOT STICK and letting his forestation be great. Above is a shot from last year’s Attitude shoot and after the jump is why his Twitter is the best source for chest rug lovers. Read more

The Saint and the Manwhore

Ben Cohen Shirtless in Attitude

Because St. Ben Cohen is such a saint (duh), he and his body have decided to appear on Attitude magazine for the 324th time and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is not manwhoring, this is saintly work. Watch Ben acting all cute and saintly in the behind the scenes clip after the jump. Read more

Discovering Ben Foden

Ben Foden

Due to my obvious lack of interest in (actual) sports, a fine specimen like Northampton Saints rugby player Ben Foden went MIA on this joint – until now. I mean, Thom Evans is pefection but Ben Foden is really on another whole different level. He’s on the cover of the latest issue of Attitude magazine photographed by Joseph Sinclair (via Image Amplified), but somehow even working with all the hotness in the world they have managed to doll him up to a point of looking like another page in the J. Crew catalogue. The true beauty of Ben lies in his candidness and scruffiness. This issue needs to be addressed in the next exploit, and that hairy tree trunk of an arm demands a special mention, doesn’t it? Read more

Welcome to the Gun Show

No one can blame Robbie Williams for “accidentally” showing off a little on his Twitter – he has been working hard in the gym for them muscles and deserves a lifetime achievement award for follicle preserving effort. He looks his age here and it’s pushing all of my buttons in a proper manner. Time for that shirtless magazine cover deal to come through I think. Attitude? Gay Times? Out? Anyone? Read more

Long Jumping (Shirtless) Ginger Alert

By now you’ve probably seen or heard about Greg Rutherford, the British ginger Neil Patrick Harris who won the gold medal the other day who has since long jumped into our hearts. Well, we both know that you don’t come here to read about that again so naturally I’m giving you what you want and need – GREG RUTHERFORD SHIRTLESS. Both of these shots were made pre-Olympics by Bello Mag and photographer Alex Lambrechts but don’t worry, I’m sure Attitude and Gay Times are pulling each other’s hair over the cover rights at the moment. Read more

Thom Evans, Just Because

Here’s the current British sex on legs Thom Evans enjoying the sun in Naples, Italy in a pair of demure non-attention seeking orange speedos. Thom is not playing rugby anymore, so he’s doing everything just right in the manwhore’s guide to out manwhore yourself (written by Joe Manganiello of course). You know that Attitude cover is only the beginning, because I’m sure a lot of exploitation plans are being made to fully utilize his recent successful comeback to the libido market. The more I look at Thom, the more I’m convinced that Matt Bomer and Roger Federer somehow had a secret baby made on a Scottish rugby field! Read more

Something for the Weekend

Thom Evans Shirtless in Attitude Magazine

Yes, the busy monster strikes my ass hard again but I won’t let that get in the way – not anymore. To fill in your empty weekend, here’s former Scottish rugby union player aka manwhore of the moment Thom Evans being exploited wonderfully by Attitude magazine. According to my 5 second research, he doesn’t play rugby anymore, so thank goodness he’s pretty. He has been more generous than this in previous engagements, but these shots are equally delicious without having to get the NSFW stamp out. Read more

Gareth Thomas’s Body is Ready

You know what, I don’t even like tattoos but with this level of hotness who cares about shit like that anymore! Retired gay Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas or lustingly known as Alfie on the cover of Attitude magazine is all kinds of YASSS. The annual naked spread is helping to raise awareness of the National AIDS Trust HIV testing campaign. He’s giving the ‘my body is ready’ pose on the June issue and successfully raised my awareness as I type this. So long, underwear… Read more

Yes, Yes and Yes.

Tom Daley Shirtless in Fabulous Magazine

All hats off to the perverts people at Fabulous magazine for really making use of what they’ve got. Yes, none of this artistic teasing bullshit that some publications love to torture us with. To be honest, the exploitation is almost too much for a mortal being to bear, so I salute the staffs (especially the one adjusting his wet shirt) for keeping their cool. Don’t worry, I’m sure they all have extra pairs of panties at hand. You have to be prepared, you know. Here are more shots of British diver Tom Daley from that cover we all know and love along with behind the scene video capped by ACDG, which is even hotter in my opinion. Attitude, your move next. Read more

It’s Time For Some Danny Young

Danny Young Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

I honestly have not much knowledge of this fine piece of Essex beef, but after such a devastating post — looking at Danny Young’s furry chest is like a breath of fresh air. Danny caught my attention by appearing naked on May issue of British gay rag Attitude (okay, anything with the word naked on it definitely will catch my attention), flaunting his furry bum across the glossy pages. You know it’s not going to happen here, so when the boss is away, carefully place your mouse on Just Beautiful Men and drool quietly. Just make sure that spreadsheet ready in the background. Further stalking reveals that he has quite a few flattering visuals from his website, featuring the same UNF face on “Dannytastic” shot and a tasty pair of long grain hardworking nipples in the boxing ring. You gotta love a guy who knows his potential and exploits it to his advantage. Take it all in people! Read more