2010 in (Shirtless) Pictures

For once, I got this posted in time so yay me. Moving on, here’s what probably you have been waiting for since last year — a lusty look back at 2010, a year full of shirtlessness and sadly to say, shaved chests. It’s amazing how time flies while we’re drooling, isn’t it? If you really want to stick your knob nose into the archives, here are the summaries for 2009 and 2008. Gosh, it seems only like yesterday I did this post (warning: may contain Brazilian hotness). This particular post might crash my already ailing server because it contains a year worth’s of hotness, so be extremely patient and pray that it won’t happen. Read more

Happy Daddy’s Day!

If last year’s Father’s Day was hosted by Mike Rowe, Mitch Pileggi and Richard Burgi, this year’s geriatric rave party is being hosted by “Extreme Fishing” host and my crotch’s frequent flyer gold member Robson Green. To get things started, he’s asking you to have a look at our selection of fine mature pieces of sweet mancakes we have found this year — Jeremy Wade, Steve Forrest (no wire hangers please), Mark Valley, the men of “Breaking Bad“, indescribable hotness Phil Spencer and his older twin brother Scott Bakula. If you insist on drooling on Robson though, you should go here and here. And because I’m feeling generous today, enjoy two shirtless clips of this British daddy perfection in his tight swimming trunks from ITV’s “Wild Swimming Adventure” after the jump. Happy mature men appreciation day everyone! Read more

Scott Bakula is A Man of a Certain Age

Scott Bakula Shirtless

Why haven’t anyone told me about this daddy show called “Men of a Certain Age” on TNT? So selfish! Well, I don’t really blame you guys, because of all the hot mature men in Hollywood — Scott Bakula is the only cast that does something to me on that show. He always does anyway. My ideal cast listing would be Scott Bakula, Richard Burgi, Robson Green and Mitch Pileggi. BLISS. Anyways, here are some caps from this week’s episode, featuring Scott at the beach and later in a towel while in the middle of a shave. Is there anything about this man that doesn’t make me want to reach for the lube and lock the door? Read more

2009 in (Shirtless) Pictures

2009 Favorites

Yes, I know that we’re well more than a week into 2010 but this has become some sort of a tradition since last year so let’s have a quick (or thorough, whichever you prefer) look back into a good year of shirtlessness; from news to films to television to everyday discoveries. Your crotches will thank you for this!  Read more

Tuc Watkins in A Towel

Tuc Watkins Shirtless

As I don’t watch soaps, I only know this prime beefcake pictured here, Tuc Watkins as the hot gay lawyer on Wisteria Lane in “Desperate Housewives”. The series clearly didn’t manipulate this hunk enough as it should. I’d like to a see a proper shirtless bedroom scene with him, Kevin Rahm and preferably Richard Burgi (a boy can only dream). Take that challenge, o talented ABC writers! Here is Tuc Watkins in what appears to be the official uniform of soap hunks — THE TOWEL from “One Life to Live” capped by JeffXperience at Dreamcaps. I have a feeling there used to some fuzz on there somewhere, but let’s not talk about that today for a change. Yes, I get sick of myself sometimes too. Read more

Three Years Old!

Three Sudeikisses

My dear droolers, exactly a month ago, Squarehippies.com turned three. That’s right bitches, we are now three years old. Three years of shirtless, hot, sweaty, hairy, smooth, young, adorkable, mature men! And guess what? We now have more than 1000 celebrities on the site — that’s 4 digits of pure hotness! (I need to get a life) While I was prancing around the globe drooling over hot guys (not really), I totally missed our birthdate which was on the 22nd of June. Someone please spank me for that! I prefer Richard Burgi or Mike Rowe to do the honor, thank you. Truth is, I didn’t want to overshadow the death of our King of Pop (RIP). Really! Read more

Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day

Daddies of my dreams; Richard Burgi, Mitch Pileggi and Mike Rowe would like to wish you a very happy Father’s Day! *awkward silence* Uncomfortable post ever is that you? Read more

Christopher Gorham in Harper’s Island

Christopher Gorham Shirtless

Once an adorkable, always an adorkable! So I finally caught up with Harper’s Island and it looks like Christopher Gorham returned to his Jake 2.0 look. Well personally I prefer the Henry Grubstick do any day but I guess as long as he takes his shirt off, that’s fine with me. “Harper’s Island” also has the daddy of my dreams, Richard Burgi in the pilot. Also a few other hotties like Victor Webster, C.J Thomason and Adam Campbell thrown in as well but you know my manties are truly moist for that piece of mature manpie! These are capped by Superherofan and this post is dedicated for Faz990 at the forums. Yes the show doesn’t do much for my brain cells but that doesn’t matter since my crotch cells are having a blast! Read more

The Other Daddy of My Dreams, Mitch Pileggi

Mitch Pileggi Shirtless

Remember I told you that Richard Burgi was the daddy of my dreams? Well, I have another one. Now I realized why I’m so into “X-Files” in the first place — Agent Skinner! That and wanting to be Scully when I graduate. Look where I am now! Instead of having autopsies of supernatural things, I investigate follicles and evidence of chest depilation. Sigh. Career choices always looked good when you were younger.

Back to this sexy beast that is Mitch Pileggi, from the look of it you can’t really tell if he’s smooth or fuzzy inside. Only pros know that. *clears throat* I was trying to remember which episode that has skin scenes of Mitch and bam! The answer was right in my email a few months back and thanks to Kimberly S and commenter Niall, I finally can share this hot mature goodness with you guys. I have to warn you that this post is massive because Mitch made me think with my crotch while posting his caps. Read more

Those Shorts Are Forgiven

Richard Burgi Shirtless

So are those shoes. And that sweater around his waist. Here is the daddy of my dreams, Richard Burgi with his friend (who by the way, isn’t exactly chopped liver either — I’m a slut I know), doing old people stuff taking a walk with his shirt off thus making me drool and messed up my keyboard. Richard is 51 this year and I could think of nothing but dirty things to do to this man. I have a feeling that he’s the type who likes to boss people around but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Let’s start with those damn festive shorts… Read more