The Return of PERFECTION (aka Jamie Bamber)

Jamie Bamber Shirtless in Body of Proof

It has been too long since this and this and this not forgetting THIS, but after a period of drought finally the star of everyone’s wet dream Jamie Bamber has returned to grace us with his gorgeous scruffy face and of course, that delectable body as a guest star in “Body of Proof”(I probably should’ve played more with the title but it’s a cold morning so I’ll just leave it at that). The haircut is arguably a little Diana for some people, but it does a lot of things to me especially when he gets to keep his accent. *DIES* Although it’s a fact that Jamie looks perfect even with shirt on, he needs to this shirtless thing more often because he’s like up there with Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer as the most beautiful men on planet earth. I don’t care whether it’s a lead role in DinoSharkGator 3 as long as the exploitation is done well. It’s basically Jamie Bamber’s responsibility to the human race. Read more

Guess This Hairy Chest

Henry Cavill Shirtless in The Cold Light of Day

You’ve seen him slightly furry, you’ve seen him shaved down to his last follicle (damn you grooming Greeks!) and you’ve seen him looking like a grizzly bear many times over. We all know hot furry men mostly come from across the pond and this one is no exception, although the pretty and hairy combination is really hard to come by. This is from his upcoming film before THAT ONE everybody’s ready to bust their crotches for, so it should be fairly easy to guess before you click and lick! Read more

2011 in (Shirtless) Pictures

It’s that time of the year where my server crashed because of this post. In the world of interwebs, that’s a good thing. Okay, that was just wishful thinking. Mind you, this joint not that popular. *awkward silence* Anyway, let’s take off one item of clothing (make sure the heating’s on) and look back at some of my favorite posts of 2011. Read more

Not A Single Follicle Spared!

High Res Image of Henry Cavill Shirtless in Immortals

You know, sometimes I just wish I can leave Henry Cavill alone – but I really can’t. These recently released high resolution stills from “Immortals” reveal the extent of damage they have done to Henry’s chest. I know he has recovered well since, but this should not happen in the first place. Follicles on the chest should have the same right as the ones on the face. All that being said, yes – I still SO would, a million times over. He came a long way from this. Read more


Henry Cavill Shirtless in Man of Steel

There’s only one occasion in a year I am allowing myself to put “Hairylujah” in the title, and I think this is the best time to do so. Just hours after the new stills for “Immortals” being released, out came these amazing behind the scene pictures of a VERY hairy Henry Cavill – beard and all filming “Man of Steel”. The hairy gods have finally answered our prayers for follicle hotness to return on his chest after being stripped down, and for the first time we have a furry Superman on film. Hairylujah indeed! Read more

Oiled Up

Henry Cavill Shirtless in Immortals

I know it’s oil, but on a stud like Henry Cavill I’ll just pretend that he’s smothered in delicious melted dark chocolate. We all know that “Immortals” will be full of skin scenes from this amazingly hot British piece, Stephen Dorff and does-nothing-to-me Kellan Lutz, but smothering Henry in oil takes the drool factor to a new height. These are new stills released by the studio to inflict serious damage to crotches worldwide, and so far has been very successful at that. And no, I’m not going to mention the obvious follicle massacre that has been happening here, not today. Read more

How Does This Make You Feel?

Here is the first official shot of Henry Cavill as the new Superman, via ONTD. The suit is being filled nicely (I bet there’s some serious shaving action going on under there), and that look is definitely a weapon of mass crotch destruction. I’m pretty sure a shirtless shot or two from “Man of Steel” (ala Andrew Garfield) will surface soon enough, preferably in Clark Kent mode. Til then, there are plenty of shirtlessness from Mr. Cavill to drool at. How does Henry Cavill as Superman make you feel? Read more

Guess This SHAVED Chest

Another one stripped off his dignity! Yes, this is the Chris Evans incident of 2011 – but triple the disappointment. There’s not much guessing who this shaved chest belongs to, but if you really need a clue – it’s from the most anticipated 3D epic adventure this year. Click on to see the abomination in its fully glory. Read more

Eat This, Sam Worthington!

The absence of shirtlessness in the hot mess that is the remake of “Clash of the Titans” devastated millions of Sam Worthington’s fans including yours truly. Greek mythology films are making its way back to Hollyweird, and I’m beginning to wonder how much ‘modernization’ would take place hence making the oh so necessary skin scenes suffer. The visual above offers a glimmer of hope for people like me. It’s Henry Cavill in all his shirtless glory as Prince Theseus from an upcoming Greek mythology film, “Immortals” directed by Tarsem Singh. Judging from this still and the lineup of cast — Stephen Dorff as Stavros? Kellan Lutz as Poseidon? Luke Evans as Zeus? I can’t even! “Immortals” is being scheduled to release November next year. At last, the beauty of Henry Cavill can be appreciated through 3D. Bliss. Read more

My Ass is Finally on Twitter

Twitter Bird on Henry Cavill

And just like that, I welcome myself to the endless possibilities of the 21st century. Internet, eh? To all of you kind souls who have graciously subscribed to my Twitter account (click and subscribe, bitches) even though I never post shit there, thank you from the bottom of my icy heart. Now excuse me while I go figure out how to backup some files on my diskettes. And yes, that was meant to be funny. Read more