A Selection of Skin in Glee

Matthew Morrison Shirtless

Don’t panic, because I’m one of the five people on earth who stopped watching “Glee” since late last season — BUT just because I don’t watch it doesn’t mean I can’t post them skin caps here. With that, here are some shirtlessness of essential Glee hotties capped by Superherofan; a very trimmed Matthew Morrison, a very smooth Cory Monteith with Square approved glasses on and Belami’s latest model that new kid on the block everyone has been talking about Chord Overstreet aka the Taylor Lautner of television. I thought the Taylor Lautner of television was Jon Foster? Maybe that’s old news. I guess there’s a new one every week. Read more

Jake Lacy: Better With Fur

Jake Lacy Shirtless

You’re a new male actor and want some good publicity in your first major network gig? The first rule in the “How to Get Some Free Publicity and Earn New Fans” book (written by my libido) is take your shirt off. This is exactly what newcomer Jake Lacy did in ABC’s new sitcom “Better With You”. Scruffy and furry, he gets my stamp of approval, 3 gold stars and an allen key to my crotch. These are capped by Groopii, because clearly I wasn’t aware of the existence of this show. Maybe I should sit through this every week if Jake follows Jon Foster‘s footsteps (you know someone has too much skin on this site when it’s the search results) and do this in every episode. I’ll keep both eyes on this one. Thanks to Ryan for the heads up! Read more

Our Thoughts Exactly

Jon Foster & Nicolas Wright

Ah, that Jon Foster. Whenever he’s not entertaining our hungry libidos with his shirtlessness on “Accidentally on Purpose” (yes, it can happen sometimes — but very, very rare), Jon always gives us something else to think about. In this case, dry humping his co-star Nicolas Wright. I’m pretty sure this is what we had in mind whenever we see Jon Foster on screen. Thanks for making that fantasy a step closer to reality, although I don’t understand why his shirt was on while doing it. A total mystery. Read more

2009 in (Shirtless) Pictures

2009 Favorites

Yes, I know that we’re well more than a week into 2010 but this has become some sort of a tradition since last year so let’s have a quick (or thorough, whichever you prefer) look back into a good year of shirtlessness; from news to films to television to everyday discoveries. Your crotches will thank you for this!  Read more

TV’s Matthew McConaughey? We Don’t Care.

Jon Foster Shirtless

Honestly I ran out of things to say about Jon Foster. It’s basically the same thing every week, but I’m never tired of it — it’s like watching the news! He is more than welcome to take his shirt off as much as he wants to. Here are some skin caps from the latest episode of “Accidentally on Purpose” capped by Groopii. At least he’s not in a towel (I want to believe) OR brushing his teeth this time so that’s different I guess. All I can say now is Ben better step up his shirtless game, preferably in the same scene with his little brother. In bed. Okay, did I just say that out loud? Read more

A Little Deja Vu in the Morning

Jon Foster Shirtless

Jon Foster, have a little shame and put your shirt back on! Just kidding. Does he ever wear a shirt on that show? These caps by Groopii are from the latest episode of “Accidentally on Purpose” look absolutely no different than the previous ones, but I feel like it is my responsibility to post them here. Well, at least he’s not brushing his teeth for once. I don’t think he has reached the small screen Matteo status yet, but Jon is well on his way to the ceiling height of skin (yes, there is such thing). That said, here’s to another great year of shirtless television! Read more

Would You Live in a Cave For This?

Peter Sarsgaard Shirtless in The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

Come to think of it, I might give Peter Sarsgaard’s caveman chic look a second chance after looking at this. His facial pubes look well kept and his fuzzy chest appears totally lickable in this publicity shot for the film “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh” with Jon Foster. Okay let’s pack up and move to the cave. Just make sure there are electricity, internet, cable TV, air conditioning, proper plumbing, modern furniture, appliances and 24-hour security just in case those bears (the animal) decide to visit. I’m not that hard to please, Peter. No the wife stays at home. Her brother can come though. Read more

Jamie Kennedy

Okay, you got me this time. It’s not really a shirtless picture of Jamie Kennedy. But I HAD to put him here because he’s just SO super duper adorable! Not to mention, a redhead too, teeheehee… This guy should be shirtless like a gazzilion times more in the future. Him and Jon Foster and Seth Green and I’m in heaven. Is there anyone out there that has at least a picture of Jamie Kennedy showing some skin? Read more

Rupert Grint

Ruper Grint Shirtless

What’s with all the hoo-haa’s about this shirtless Daniel Radcliffe thing recently? I think almost EVERY blog on the internet has at least 3 pictures of him flaunting for the Equus promo shoot. Whatever. I don’t think he’s hot even a bit. Like really. Not even cute. He got this weird body (no offense to Radcliffe fans, just my personal take) and the pictures are not delicious enough at least to me. Read more

Peter Sarsgaard in Very Good Girls

Peter Sarsgaard Shirtless in Very Good Girls

My last shirtless memory of Peter Sarsgaard was from “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh” and that will forever be the big laminated poster on the ceiling of my libido – but further exploits since include “An Education“, “Orphan” and “Lovelace” which desperately needs a post by the way. Obviously, “Kinsey” is an essential Sarsgaard viewing when you’re a fan and they really should release that in Blu-Ray bloody 4K. If you’re wondering what he’s doing lately, Peter is playing a pervy boss (one of my favourite porn characters ever) in coming of age film “Very Good Girls” capped by Jair. I’m not sure whether it’s the lighting or it’s purely the work of the satanic device that is the trimmer, but he seems to be less fuzzy in this. Also, if you’re into the younger types there’s Lenny Platt, Boyd Holbrook and Sterling Jones deshirted as well. Read more