Jerry, James, Jamie, Jesse and Jon

Five J

What a better way to start September with a bunch of shirtless hunks beginning with the letter J (I have no idea how that’s related either). Yes kids, that’s five shirtless whammies for you. All for your viewing pleasure: Jerry O’Connell, James Lafferty, Jamie Bell, Jesse Spencer and Jon Foster. Also, this means I’m taking a (short) break from updating for a while. Have a great weekend and see you later kids!

Wake-up Call

Early Jon Hamm from The Big Date

This morning is brought to you by a 25-year-old mah husband back when he was a fabulous waiter trying to win a chick with a promise of an ‘evening of total fabulosity’ on the “The Big Date”. She obviously had a thing for frosted tips and Bill Pullman circa “While You Were Sleeping” (who doesn’t?) so thank goodness for that. All my known senses are getting hyper and I’m not sure whether it’s the sight of a vintage Jon Hamm who looks basically like Jon Hamm 18 years later or the fact that all the guys on this show have the ESSENTIAL 90s look. I just want to stroll along Jon’s middle part and set up nest under one of his JTT flaps for eternity. Watch the clip after the jump. Read more

2013 in (Shirtless) Pictures


Another great year in shirtlessness is coming to an end. As we welcome 2014, let’s join Sweden’s hottest export Alexander Skarsgård lounging in the snow like a true Scandinavian and drool back at some of this year’s top posts according to me. Feel free to add yours in the comments section! Read more

Yes, But That’s Not the Sculpture We Need to See

Jon Hamm on Sesame Street

We all know why they didn’t show the bottom half of this Sesame Street video on YouTube featuring a heavily bearded mah husband Jon Hamm and Elmo. Elmo is working his ass off replicating the monumental Hamm monolith for us but of course they had to replace that with something yawnworthy like Elmo’s cast. The only sculpture I need to see (and use) is the one made of silicone in 1:1 scale, mass produced and marketed as “The Hammaconda”, “Jon’s Johnson” or even “Jon’s Ham”. I’m sure they’re in production as we speak. It’s a no brainer. Read more

The Movie We’ve All Been Waiting For

Tom the Movie

No, it’s not the big screen adaptation of this classic SNL scene (I will continue dreaming), but it’s about the stuff of most of my pimply teenage dreams, Tom of Finland. Here’s the teaser for “TOM”, a biographical flick about Touko, an artist who would later become world-famous as Tom of Finland featuring a pencil penis at the end, which is fine on YouTube and should be fine everywhere else. You cannot discriminate against pencil penises anywhere! Read more

This is Nuts!

Jon Hamm's Nuts

It’s a sad fact when someone mentioned Jon Hamm, the first thing that would come to mind isn’t Don Draper anymore. Yes, this is nuts! Here’s mah husband taking his dog out for a walk with his um, partner via Dlisted. The real one would be me OF COURSE (partner, not dog although I don’t mind to be honest). Read more

Why Photoshop Was Invented

Jon Hamm

This is old news, but you already knew that. Here’s Jon Hamm admiring MY portrait which has been photoshopped with Tony Danza’s picture (because you bitches can’t handle my beauty) tweeted by comedian Doug Benson last week. I mean, this is the face he makes when the plumbing is sorted and I should know that because he’s mah husband. Duh. Feel free to re-shop that with whatever you fancy, because this here is why Photoshop was invented in the first place. Read more

2012 in (Shirtless) Pictures

2012 Favorites

Because the world didn’t end last week, we shall have the privilege to look back at the year in shirtlessness. And I am giving myself a pat at the back for doing this today, not tomorrow unlike what my procrastinating ass told me to. Despite some absence, this joint has 13 million visits in 2012 according to semi-reliable sources. That’s a lot of drool and a lot of pretending you’re doing the spreadsheet while actually trying hard not to lick the screen. My gratitude. Here are some of my favorite posts of the year. Read more

This Will Fill That Void in Your Life

And the only thing to do next is to photoshop your face / genitals onto Mike Rowe’s iPad screen. It’s good that the people from “The Jeff Probst Show” have decided to do this but they really need to sack the lighting guy and the person who does the distracting on-screen display things. First of all, who watches “Survivor” anymore and second of all the only thing Jeff Probst has to show is Jon Hamm’s twin hiding in his cargo pants – preferably in this scene. Thanks to JH for this! Read more

But Would It Reach?

Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe in A Young Doctor's Notebook

I’m back in my natural habitat and Mr. Jetlag hasn’t really been a bitch to me so that means I am able to churn out posts to fill in that void you’ve had for the past couple of days (please let me believe). Let’s start of with this shot of mah husband and Daniel Radcliffe in a tub from their new miniseries “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” premiering on Sky Arts 1 HD in early December. Daniel does absolutely NOTHING to my libido and Jon Hamm does the same to my man friend, so basically this is our dreams come true – but the main question here is would it reach? The answer is don’t be stupid, it will go there, circle Harry Potter’s wand 3 times and back. Read more