David Walton in About a Boy

David Walton Shirtless in About A Boy

When David Walton (who looks like the adorkable, furrier and less intimidating version of Matt Bomer) first captured my libido when he appeared briefly as the stock funny guy in “Burlesque“, I just knew he’s going to be more that just being a one time character in one of those CSI type things. These are from several episodes of the TV adaptation of “About a Boy” with Minnie Driver (yes she’s still around) featuring a variety of shirtless situations. Considering the amount of time he spent sans shirt divided by the number episodes so far, this series should really be on everyone’s list. Read more

Let Me Count the Ways

Matt Bomer in Out Magazine

After you finish admiring Matt Bomer’s beauty and his perfectly trimmed right down to the nanometer stubble, the natural thing to do is count his armpit hair because that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. This is shot by Kai Z Feng for Out magazine doing his bit to promote the long awaited HBO adaptation of the play “The Normal Heart” starring Mark Ruffalo, Taylor Kitsch and Jonathan Groff. Bomer went full Bale / McConaughey and reportedly lost 40 pounds to show the ravages of AIDS on his character. Watch the trailer after the jump. Read more

Time For Some Male Beauty

Rodrigo Calazans Shirtless by Anthony Amadeo

This morning is brought to you by Brazilian model and photographer Rodrigo Calazans, who is basically a concoction of 10 prettiest men from your wettest dreams blended well together to create this furry symmetrical realness. One wouldn’t dare to think what happens if his genes and Matt Bomer’s collided. Read more

Wake-up Call

Matthew Bomer Shirtless in White Collar

Let’s face it, whether your taste in men spans from a hairless stick figure to a burly mountain neanderthal type – I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t want to wake up and bask in the beauty of Matt Bomer every morning. Yes, your self esteem might be lowered gradually to an absolute nothing but that’s besides the point. These are from the latest episode of “White Collar” and after an epic pig-out during Christmas – I hope this post will be like a breath of fresh man air. Read more

Palate Cleanser

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

I could post a dozen pictures of the man of all my dreams Phil Spencer, but to keep it friendly to the general public taste here are some publicity shots of Matt Bomer from the best episode of “The New Normal” ever (since Justin Bartha is NEVER going to take his shirt off no matter how hard I prayed to NBC gods). Follicle hotness will return soon, so put your pitchforks back in the shed because ain’t nobody got time for that! Read more

Now You Can Feel Whole Again

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

You know why 2013 feels very empty so far? Yes, it’s because we haven’t been blessed by the beauty of the beautifulest male of all time, Matt Bomer. The logical part of my brain (about 0.5%) is saying nooo do not let those pervs exploit you anymore (in a very maternal tone) but a guest role in “The New Normal” exploiting most of his talent isn’t half as bad. I’ll just let the caps do the talking. Read more

2012 in (Shirtless) Pictures

2012 Favorites

Because the world didn’t end last week, we shall have the privilege to look back at the year in shirtlessness. And I am giving myself a pat at the back for doing this today, not tomorrow unlike what my procrastinating ass told me to. Despite some absence, this joint has 13 million visits in 2012 according to semi-reliable sources. That’s a lot of drool and a lot of pretending you’re doing the spreadsheet while actually trying hard not to lick the screen. My gratitude. Here are some of my favorite posts of the year. Read more

Wake-up Call

Jack Whitehall Shirtless in Fresh Meat

This glorious Monday morning is brought to you by the gloriously furry British comedian Jack Whitehall. If you like things pale and unshaved, then you familiarize your libido with this fine piece of man meat. Jack could be the distant English cousin of Matt Bomer minus the Hollywood tan and the Hollywood obsession with smooth chests. Not sure how funny he is as a stand up comedian, but currently he plays JP, the adorkable ladies man type in TV series “Fresh Meat” and yes, ladies man translates to no shortage of skin on display. Read more

Best Buttocks in the Business?

Because October 23rd (which is basically Christmas and your birthday all in one) is so fucking far away, we can only be satisfied with these caps of the most beautiful male in all the land, Matt Bomer in the luckiest pair of tangerine thong in the universe which were lovingly (or more appropriately, lustingly) made by Superherofan. I mean, MATT BOMER. THONG. If these are not the best buttocks in the business, then I shall pack up this joint and go home. I hope that Matt Bomer genetics cloning program is going well because when the superior race finally descend to earth to check on their experiment, we should have a lot of Matt Bomers around to show them that it has been very successful. This post contains a lot of bare buttocks so if your workplace has a grudge against male hotness, be warned. Read more

Beauty and the Beast

My mind is filled with filthy things (it’s like that most of the time anyway) when I look at these shots of Matt Bomer and Joe Manwhore-jello together both at GLSEN Respect Awards sporting salt and pepper scruffage like BFFs. Does it work? Well, it only works if they’re in bed together… Okay, must not get too vulgar. One must really not, but I wouldn’t be too mad if Matt gets rid of the facial pubes completely as it interferes with his beauty a little. Read more