These Are as Real as My Four Husbands Part 2

Ryan Reynolds

Here’s to the crazy talented genius aka Leonardo da Vinci of our time, the illusive Male Eropainter. It’s like he (well I’d assume it’s a he but correct me if I’m wrong) carefully weaved all of our wet dreams about male celebrities together into digital pixels with Photoshop and transform them into these stunning visuals. Well, except one — which is of mah husband! That’s my only complaint. I mean, everyone look like they belong to their hairy / smooth bodies, but what in the goofy hell happened to John Krasinski? He’s the only one that had his body fuzz trimmed to oblivion. So not fair! Thanks to Regan for the heads up, and you know these are actually NSFW. My favorites are, in no particular order — Sam Trammell, Adam Baldwin, Hugh Laurie, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig, heavily forested Matt Bomer and a very pre-historic Jeremy Piven — which should be hung in the National History Museum of Fuzz, if they have one. What’s yours? Read more

A Little Exploitation in White Collar

Since yesterday was all about hair, let’s make today a body-hair free one. But only today, because I really couldn’t survive without looking at a gloriously hairy chest for more than 24 hours. With that note, here are some shirtless caps of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WORLD, genetic lottery winner Matthew Bomer (no ‘boner’ jokes please) from this week’s episode of “White Collar” capped by Superherofan. Mainstream perfection! The only complaint I have about this one is there’s not enough exploitation going on. Illegal! Read more

Undressing These Guys With Your Eyes

By ‘your eyes’ I really meant my eyes and by ‘these guys’ I’m referring to USA Network’s Mark Feuerstein (which is the only furry hopeful in this trio of hotness), Jeffrey Donovan and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WORLD (and nearby planets) Matt Bomer on the cover of TV Guide Magazine. You know what, one day I’d really love to see this piece of male perfection looking fat and ugly with flies hovering around his head, and I would totally feed on that image. TV Guide has managed to gather three of the hottest guys on the small screen but a crucial mistake has been made — they failed to get their shirts off. So wrong! If you fell short of imagination, here are some helpful visuals to assist the undressing process — Mark Feuerstein in “Royal Pains” and “Sex and the City“, Matt Bomer in “White Collar” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” and finally Jeffrey Donovan in “Burn Notice“. Watch the behind the scenes clip after the jump, featuring the key question that should be asked at EVERY interview in Hollywood — “So shirtless scenes?” Read more

The Definition of Pretty

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

Usually pretty boys do very little to me, but I’d hit them still. In the definition of male beauty that is Matthew Bomer’s case however, instead of salivating over his gorgeous and perfect body, face and everything — I am actually jealous. Pretty overload (and you can already see haters forming a sentence in their heads)! No, I have nothing against prettiness — but Matt is like my pretty gay friend that I always envy and secretly pray that one day he will turn ugly (which is really my level of good looking). Also, instead of jumping at him like a hungry cougar, I would put Matt in a glass case and look (and sigh) at him all day. These are from this week’s season finale of “White Collar” by Superherofan, of course I couldn’t cap this myself because I’m such a jealous bitter bitch! Read more

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Shawn Christian

Shawn Christian Shirtless in Summerland

If the last post had your eyes blinded because you can almost see a holier version yourself on Matthew Bomer’s silky smooth chest, then these caps of pure sex on legs that is Shawn Christian from his days on “Summerland” (I believe from the good ol’ Superherofan) might soothe them. Smooth, hairy, clipped — it’s all good. And no, I’m not drunk at the moment. I think. Read more

Because It’s Never Too Late For Some Pretty

Matthew Bomer Shirtless

These caps of pretty boy in the closet (not really) Matthew Bomer from the premiere of USA Network’s “White Collar” might be as old as my devotion to Jason Sudeikis, but as we already know — skin is skin and it’s never too late to drool at anything! I am clearing up some stuff in my to-do list before the year ends, and Matthew Bomer is one of them. For previous caps with a scruffed up version of him, from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” and “Traveler” with some heated discussion of this closeted hottie (nobody is too hot to be gay, thank you), here is where you should place your index finger on. Read more

The Face of Sex in Attitude

Sean Maguire Shirtless on Attitude

So the face of sex that is Sean Maguire has graced the cover of next month’s issue of British gay rag, Attitude. I have nothing against scruffy shirtless men but are they running out of actual gay celebrities to be featured? Will Young has been on it for God knows how many times. I mean, Matthew Bomer — hello? Fine, Matthew isn’t British but he’s gay, pretty and hot. Accents can be faked! Someone really needs to offer me a position in Attitude, because I have a rather extensive resume in hot mens, majoring in mah husbands. I’ve already prepared an elaborate pitch for next year’s covers which include Jason Sudeikis, John Krasinski, Paul Rudd*… The list goes on! Read more

Olaf Bjornstal

Olaf Bjornstal

Whenever I hear the name Olaf, I always picture some balding old broad with silver caterpillar brows. Simply put, Jim Carey in “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. This Olaf however is nothing like that. Definitely one of the most breathtaking pair of blue / green eyes I’ve seen since Matthew Bomer. The amount of chest hair is perfection and although Olaf Bjornstal looks a tiny bit like a mature version of Jesse Metcalfe, I’d hit this one in a fraction of a milisecond. Oh by the way I was about to put a picture of Count Olaf here but then I realized it’s going to be a major boner killer so you should thank me for that. Read more

Matt Long

Matt Long Shirtless

Is it just me or is Amanda Bynes got the hottest boys in her movies? Let’s see, Channing Tatum, Jonathan Bennet and now super delicious Matt Long. Girlfriend must have some voodoo up her sleeves :)) . I have talked about how I wish Matt Long was shirtless in Ghost Rider before and well, here he is in Sydney White, although Matt is looking a bit undefined as compared to other Amanda’s movie boys but I’m a sucker for blue / green eyes and dark hair combo (see Matthew Bomer and Paul Telfer). And he’s purrty. Read more

Matt Dallas in Kyle XY

Matt Dallas Shirtless in Kyle XY

Who could think of a better actor to play Kyle other than Matt Dallas? I think the dark hair, blue eyes combination is amazing! We see them in Matthew Bomer and Brandon Beemer before and now to add to the gorgeous collection is of course our favorite lost boy Matt Dallas. And what about that rock hard abs eh? Some find the absence of Matt’s belly button is a turn on, but for me his eyes was the one that stands out the most. What do you think? These lovely shirtless (and half naked) pictures of Matt Dallas was capped by fabulous Psiwire at the forums, from first 4 episodes of “Kyle XY“. Hope these will jump start your memory before the new season starts next week. Enjoy! Read more