A Bad Krazinski

John Krasinski as Jim Halpert

His birthday was like a week ago and all I did was fooling around with Mikey Day. Sorry, honey! I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight! Anyways, I have decided to punish myself by making this awesome wallpaper featuring non other than my second imaginary husband in a variety of damn cute expressions. Crazy fanboy alert! Ah, the joy of self inflicting torture… Read more

Zano & Schmid’s Rusty Joyride

Nick Zano Shirtless, Kyle Schmid and Mark Gibbon in Joyride 2

Hold on a sec while I treat myself with some gummy bears for successfully squeezing four things in a short title above. Like a moth to a flame, I’ve always attracted to teen slasher flicks regardless of how crappy they are. It’s a pretty known fact. “Joyride” was a fairly successful film at the big screen, if not in rentals. In the first installment, we get to see my secret boyfriend Paul Walker and adorkable Steve Zahn‘s derriere during the infamous diner scene. The second one — “Joyride: Dead Ahead”, capped here is nothing like that. I mean, come on! Nick Zano and Kyle Schmid are born to be shirtless. Fine, at the beginning we get a little preview of Zano’s skin but that’s about it. These people never learn! Unless you enjoy seeing Kyle in a dress (checkout those legs) looking like Clea DuVall’s long lost twin with the CHEESIEST lines, I’d say watch this if you’re really, really bored.

Okay, I’ll tell you the real reason why I sit my ass through this hot mess. It’s Rusty Nail! I just wanted to put his sweet ramblings into my iPod and listen to them before I sleep every night. And Mark Gibbon (that’s his name) is not exactly chopped liver either, as seen as a hot coach in “Totally Awesome”. Rusty can sure nail me any day! Whoops. I’ve said too much. On with the cappage then! Read more

Why I Have to Watch Survivor

Ozzy from Survivor Shirtless

Holy sweet Ryan Reynolds!!! Just when I thought I’d ditch this season’s repetitive Survivor, Mark Burnett and his team fcuked with my head once more by featuring my number one Survivor crush, Ozzy from Cooks Island. Damn it guys, you just made it obligatory for me to watch every second of Survivor: Fans vs Favorites, every week. And look, the big hair is gone, we get a bit more meat than before but the good thing is that the lean body is here to stay! Read more