More of Andy Bellefleur’s Beefy Pecs in True Blood

Chris Bauer Shirtless in True Blood

You know what, you can find stills of shirtless Ryan Kwanten and other bog standard manwhores on “True Blood” literally anywhere on the interwebs (including here, of course), but like it or not you would have to visit this crusty joint to witness the magnificent beefy pecs of Chris Bauer – because I take that noone else would want to post these delicious caps of Andy Bellefleur from last night’s episode. Hey, if I don’t whore this website out, who will? Read more

Sam Trammell and The Usual Suspects in True Blood (with Chris Bauer!)

Sam Trammell Shirtless in True Blood

Over the years, I have developed a personal relationship with Sam Merlotte’s hairy chesticles. They’re meaty, hairy and absolutely lickable. The fifth season premiere of “True Blood” last Sunday did not disappoint and I’m glad they have decided to cram in skin scenes from the usual suspects – Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard. Hell, they have even thrown in an equally delicious Chris Bauer scene too (let’s hope this will be a common occurrence). Enjoy! Read more

Luke Bracey in Monte Carlo

Luke Bracey Shirtless in Monte Carlo

Today, we are going old school. I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve suffered for the sake of my readers, so I’ve decided to give my eyeballs some good old fashioned torture and sit my 30 year old ass through “Monte Carlo” on a flight, which was probably my dream film if I’m about 11. Few potentials available for the mandatory skin scene (Cory Monteith, Brett Cullen), but only one has decided to share the hotness with the world by having his shirt off and open throughout – Luke Bracey. I suspect there are tapes involved to make sure the shirt stays open. Luke plays your typical text book version of a hot Ozzie piece, which means the essential blond surfer type. He’s a regular in “Home and Away”, a magical series which has spawned some of the most beautiful men on this face of the earth, including Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Kwanten. Anyway, is it just me or is that Heath Ledger in the first screen cap? Read more

Get Your Kleenex Ready, The Buffet is Served

Joe Manganiello Shirtless as Alcide in True Blood

And as always, we have only the finest cuts of meat on the table! The only thing to do after reading this succulent post is to lock the door, find that box of Kleenex of which I’m sure you don’t have to since it’s always located near the screen and spend some quality time with yourself (of course I’m talking about me). Despite the lack of body hair, Joe Manganiello does a lot of damage to my crotch with his ALL YOU CAN EAT hot cross buns of a torso. Also served on the buffet table, Ryan Kwanten’s ripped body (ha-ha) and Swedish meatcake Alexander Skarsgard, all capped by Superherofan. Enjoy! Read more

A Selection of Skin from This Week’s True Blood

This week on “True Blood”, Joe Manganiello was taking a break from flashing his delicious tray of beefcake to give way to some of my favorites to shine. I really can’t remember when was the last time I saw Jim Parrack sans shirt in the series so his brief shirtless scene this week gets my crotch’s seal of approval. Also wholeheartedly approved, getting chunkier and less defined. Give the zero percent body fat job to Ryan Kwanten. Since my ass is feeling a little bit sluggish today, enjoy these caps by Superherofan — featuring all of the above and Sam Trammell’s delectable, furry and totally meaty pecs. Bonus leash does a lot of things to me. Swoon. Read more

Time for Some Jason Stackhouse Skin

Maybe it’s just me, but seeing Ryan Kwanten’s shirtlessness in last week’s “True Blood” made me realize how much I miss seeing him with his shirt off. Jason Stackhouse has been shirtless more times than anyone can count but this is his first skin scene of the new season, and that pair of aviators does a lot to me (just add mustache and off we go). He seems to have successfully managed to get rid of ALL his body fat, so Alcide is still my first choice to be stranded in a deserted island with. Now let’s talk about the fuzz situation. Ryan Kwanten is one of those people I would forgive for shaving it all off (I know), because it’s neither here nor there. Anyways here are some caps from last week’s episode, with bonus Alcide skin on the side. Read more

Guess This Hairy Chest

Guess This Hairy Chest

This beefy, moderately hairy chest is easily recognizable — if you follow a certain show by a certain network. I’m beginning to see some salt on this down to earth, next door hunk’s hair in recent episodes, so that’s a very healthy development for me. 38 this year, he’s just few steps of becoming the mature man of my dreams. Guess before you click! Read more

Guess This Not So Hairy Chest

Ryan Kwanten Shirtless

When you’re tired of seeing this slab of fit manbeef shirtless, you must be tired of life itself. Tags and chest hair pattern give it away, as always. You need to get this right or in the naughty circle you go! Read more

Same Skin, Different Angles

True Blood Hotties

This post has a big fat DUE stamp on it but when it comes to celebrity skin, it’s always better late than never, isn’t it? Watching Ryan Kwanten shirtless is pretty much like watching the news now, you know it’s going to be basically the same thing but you can’t help to watch it again and again. And again. What makes this time different? Well, not that much but we get a super closeup of his chest fuzz and I think they’re doing fine. Just checking. In other news, Mehcad Brooks is still perfection, Stephen Moyer’s fuzz is recovering nicely, I want to marry Sam Trammell and also date Jim Parrack for the rest of eternity. Please note that caps are larger than they appear. Read more

Adorkable of the Month: Jim Parrack

Jim Parrack Shirtless

During one of the scenes with Hoyt in the last “True Blood” episode, I melted into a puddle of warm manty pudding when he said to Jessica, “Don’t be embarrassed about what you are…”. Damn. With a mouthwatering plethora of hunks in the series, we rarely see Hoyt without his shirt on, but he is exactly one of the reasons why I created this website in the first place. Underrated hotness rules! It’s pure hard work to see through the yumminess of Ryan Kwanten, Stephen Moyer, Nelsan Ellis, Alexander Skarsgård, Mehcad Brooks and Sam Trammell (just to name a few) to find the one and true undiscovered adorkable.

One might see a bit resemblance to mah first husband, but I’d like to think that Jim has his own droolworthy power over me (okay, maybe not… Jason Sudeikis is mah EVERYTHANG). I’m pretty sure we’ll get more of Hoyt’s skin display in tonight’s episode, but for now I present you some shirtless caps of our Adorkable of MAY (again, shut up), Jim Parrack! Read more