The Shirtless Men (and Me) Are Back

Shawn Christian Shirtless

Can you hear the birds finally chirping again? Yes bitches, I am back and so are the shirtless men! First off, I have to apologize for nil posts for the past week or so. I’ve been all over the place and finally I can find a place settle down and focus! As you can see I have A LOT to catch up. Like, it’s almost too much to take but my experience has taught me to work well under pressure. The pressure of hairy chests that is!

All that said, expect the shirtlessness to pour in after a day or so while I get my shit together. In the mean time, enjoy this holy ceremony we like to call the changing of shirt from our favorite hairy stud Shawn Christian from “Days of Our Lives” capped by the uh-mayzing Groopii. Someone please give this guy a major cover ala Ryan Reynolds stat! Also, a couple of fantastic posts by our co-author Psiwire will follow suit. Read more

Chicken Soup for The Groin

Shawn Christian Shirtless

After such a terrible day, we’re definitely in need of serious comforting and what better way than drooling at more caps of tantalizing slice of hairy manpie, Shawn Christian from “Days of Our Lives”? I strongly suggest that you do what I did just now; close your eyes, think happy thoughts (in my case, Discovery daddy Mike Rowe whispering sweet nothings to me in the sauna), take a deep breath then stare at his chest for at least 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary. You’ll definitely feel better. This man should be forbidden to wear clothes for eternity and I really dig his shaggy hair (on the head). Anyways, there might be no post tomorrow since I will be waltzing on the streets of Paris in search of furry French hotties. Have a nice weekend everyone! Read more