Better in HD: Antonio Banderas in Original Sin

Antonio Banderas in Original Sin

I have to admit the main reason I revived this post is because I didn’t get to post enough of the mustachioed Thomas Jane and Antonio Banderas sucking tongues (well, one would hope) in 2001 erotic thriller “Original Sin“. Even when Antonio Banderas was my everything, the moment I saw Thomas Jane in that wig and mustache, I knew he’s going to be a major star in my dreams one day, and he really did! Read more

Wake-up Call

Thomas Jane

We thank the shirtless and pantless gods for the existence of this picture of Thomas Jane. NSFW-ish for your workplace but considering the number of times you see butt cracks around (and that’s BEFORE lunchtime) this should be fine. Just keep the gushing to the minimum, please. We don’t want to freak out Margaret in HR do we? Read more

Stephen Amell is Green Arrow

Before you say WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS – yes there is shirtlessness in this post thankyouverymuch. My droopy ass is probably too old to watch ANY show on CW, but I remember quite fondly lusting over Tom Welling (REMEMBER HIM?) when “Smallville” came out and hey skin is skin so here’s the trailer for the upcoming series “Arrow” featuring the fitness of Stephen Amell (the manwhore rival to Thomas Jane in “Hung”) as Green Arrow. I mean, anyone who can do that with the bar thing will get my legs wide open regardless of fur situation! Make sure your body is ready when it premieres this fall. Read more

Something New for Your Ray Drecker Shrine

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Hung

The sight of Thomas Jane shirtless these days are abundant, but here’s something a little different for that permanent Ray Drecker shrine in your crotch. No, I’m not talking about his half peen in this week’s episode of “Hung”, but it’s the whole jockstrap thing that gets me all hot and bothered. Oh who am I kidding, I AM talking about his half peen appearance (obviously NSFW do please click during me time), although the authenticity of it is a little dubious. Nonetheless, it’s a visual. Read more

The Furry Side of Things

Thomas Jane

I really can’t think of a better way to start the week with the crack-a-licious picture of one of my crotch’s objects of affection, Thomas Jane. Not sure what this is for, but it definitely looks recent. One would assume it’s a promo still for the new season of “Hung” (more on that later). This is for you guys who appreciate the beauty of lightly furry pair of male buttocks. Oh and I hereby place a new rule that states side asses are safe for work – especially if they’re of Thomas Jane! Read more

2010 in (Shirtless) Pictures

For once, I got this posted in time so yay me. Moving on, here’s what probably you have been waiting for since last year — a lusty look back at 2010, a year full of shirtlessness and sadly to say, shaved chests. It’s amazing how time flies while we’re drooling, isn’t it? If you really want to stick your knob nose into the archives, here are the summaries for 2009 and 2008. Gosh, it seems only like yesterday I did this post (warning: may contain Brazilian hotness). This particular post might crash my already ailing server because it contains a year worth’s of hotness, so be extremely patient and pray that it won’t happen. Read more

Waking Up with Ray Drecker

There’s something amazingly sexy about a man waking up in the morning from his sleep — personally, I highly adore the “lost puppy” look. That said, some actors have suffered the “morning makeup” syndrome that has been plaguing actresses over the century. A furry mature STUD by the name of Thomas Jane, did it perfectly well. When you’re out of bed, you have to look like you’re out of bed. It’s that simple. Honestly, I ran out of adjectives to describe how hot this guy is and the evil things he has done to me. As always, I will let the caps speak for themselves. Here’s Ray Drecker waking up in his boxers (unfortunately) in this week’s “Hung”. Read more

My Ass Has Been Attacked Part 2

As you all might have known, this website has been under attack YET AGAIN but when you’re reading this post, it means that we’re back up again (it was probably a punishment for being lazy). Let’s celebrate the end of that absolute nightmare by staring at Thomas Jane’s hairy chest from last week’s episode of “Hung”. Seriously, who can ever get enough of that? Anyways, please do accept my apology if that incident has affected you in any way. By ‘any way’ I really mean being your crotch block. Now the drooling activities can resume. All is well in the world. Read more

The Fuzz Celebration Continues

Just when you thought Thomas Jane’s fur is going further and further away from your life, HBO has blessed us with the second season preview of “Hung” featuring his lush grasslands shot from all angles possible. I can’t even! This is truly a TV show that was fabricated in the highest level of follicle heaven. That being said, Thomas Jane seems to be more refreshed (even some wrinkles have miraculously disappeared) in the preview — which to me, makes him a little less sexier. I don’t know, it’s the whole sweaty, tired, overworked suburban dad thing that really did  it for me but considering the amount of skin he flashes in “Hung”, Thomas Jane is, and forever will be at the top of my crotch chart. Watch the clip, after the jump. Read more

2009 in (Shirtless) Pictures

2009 Favorites

Yes, I know that we’re well more than a week into 2010 but this has become some sort of a tradition since last year so let’s have a quick (or thorough, whichever you prefer) look back into a good year of shirtlessness; from news to films to television to everyday discoveries. Your crotches will thank you for this!  Read more