Taking Boywhoring to a New Height

Tom Daley in London Aquatics Centre on Google Street View

Since his shit show “Splash” is getting canceled and Rio 2016 is too far away, Tom Daley needs to be creative and find other avenues to outwhore himself. Do you remember when was the last time you’ve seen a half naked manwhore on Google Street View? A first in the history of manwhoring, now you can do a 360 view on those speedos London Aquatics Centre in Stratford, UK. The only thing  he shouldn’t be happy about is the fact that they blurred out his face because it defeats the main purpose of this exercise. Explore the um, venue among other things after the jump. Read more

Some Continental Hotness to Start the Week

Ben Braun Shirtless in Herzflimmern

I know the times they are a-changin’, but when you want a proper serving of hairy deliciousness you really have to venture outside Hollywood, across the pond and further into the continent. This is German actor Ben Braun from short lived telenovela “Herzflimmern” sent by reader JRM. We have to leave it to our German readers to provide more in-depth information about this hot piece but for now – let’s shut the door, drop your panties and enjoy everything Ben has to offer. Read more

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Captain Quinn Shirtless

Personally, St. Patrick’s Day is all about the hot ginger men in the world and for me nothing beats Sean Patrick Davey but I really should do something else this year for a change. Enter an equally ginger, beefy and hairy ‘Captain Quinn’ on YouTube doing things we always thought Canadians do on daily basis which is getting into a frozen lake in a pair of jorts. Standard. I secretly hoped his clementines would make an appearance but hey, beggars can’t always be choosers. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Read more

Chris Diamantopoulos in Episodes

Chris Diamantopoulos Shirtless in Episodes

There’s no denying that Chris Diamantopoulos is another fine export from up north who needs to forget about wearing shirts, but it pains me to see that the trimmer has done its evil deeds because Chris has the potential to be the greatest hairy piece that has ever graced the small screen. Here are some screen grabs from the recent “Episodes” on Showtime capped by Jair. Whatever it is this is certainly a better development that his appearance in “The Starter Wife” a while back. Still, a ‘diamant’ in the rough (sorry). Read more


Josh Segarra Shirtless in Sirens on USA Network

Not too long ago, before some hot piece like Josh Segarra here would make an appearance on screen, network minions would go into panic mode and naturally require him to have a deep soak in nair overnight to get rid of those follicles. An unshaved body on primetime series, in this case USA Network’s “Sirens” is indeed a healthy sign of more natural things to come. All praise to the hairy gods above! Read more

Jason Beghe in G.I. Jane

Jason Beghe Shirtless in G.I. Jane

Is this the most glorious sight you’ve seen today or is this the most glorious sight you’ve seen today? Almost 8 years into blogging hairy men and I am kicking myself in the crotch for not posting this piece of deliciousness in Ridley Scott’s “G.I. Jane” (UK) back in 1997. At long last I’ve paid my dues – Jason Beghe is finally here with his wet, soapy hairy chest. Read more

Rossif Sutherland in Reign

Rossif Sutherland Shirtless in Reign

Rossif Sutherland might not be as well recognized as his half-brother Kiefer, but he’s doing pretty well for himself. Rossif plays Nostradamus in CW’s answer to “Games of Thrones”, “Reign” and he has brought some full-on unshaved hotness to the last episode as capped by Jair. It’s like that chest is saying “HERE I AM, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT”. Pure confidence! Read more

Introducing the Star of Your Wet Dreams Tonight

Marc Buckner Shirtless

It’s never my intention to turn this joint into one of those models-only worship shrines, but South African model and obviously the star of your wet dreams tonight is making it so hard for me to not share those hairy ‘eat-for-days’ pecs to the world. Watch Marc charms the fuck out of the camera (and naturally your libido) after the jump. I just lost it at the meowing part. Thanks to Boris for the tip! Read more

Centaur of Attention

Shirtless Derek Theler Being a Centaur on Instagram

Don’t panic, it’s just your standard manwhore Derek Theler showing some equine love on Instagram, because this centaur is feeding off the likes – all 21,200 of them. This is so unlike me but I wouldn’t mind being the in rear half if the only smell is mansweat with a positive notes of desperation. Read more

Time For Some Male Beauty

Rodrigo Calazans Shirtless by Anthony Amadeo

This morning is brought to you by Brazilian model and photographer Rodrigo Calazans, who is basically a concoction of 10 prettiest men from your wettest dreams blended well together to create this furry symmetrical realness. One wouldn’t dare to think what happens if his genes and Matt Bomer’s collided. Read more