How Does This Make You Feel?

Tim McGraw Shirtless in Men's Health

Tim McGraw airing his nipples out for the masses is nothing new but unless he’s getting exploited by some regionally published country magazines that nobody reads, I’m surprised that the shirtlessness doesn’t happen as often with his newfound fitness. This is from the latest issue of Men’s Health and although I think he could’ve used a trip or two to the nearest KFC, Tim deserves a page in my ultimate daddies scrapbook. Read more

Scott Adkins in Metal Hurlant Chronicles

Scott Adkins Shirtless in Metal Hurlant Chronicles

I really have no idea what sci-fi series “Metal Hurlant Chronicles” is all about, but it reminds me a lot of this hotness. Yes, it’s weird, strange and deliciously European hence the exploitation is always A+. In this pilot episode – it’s British action star Scott Adkins getting the shirtless treatment, who I think should be at least on Jason Statham status by now. He has everything – the looks, the body, the voice but it’s a mystery why Scott is still hovering around the B circuit (Kellan Lutz’s hot mess of a film “The Legend of Hercules” is B by any standards). Whatever it is, this scene featuring some kind of being had just acquired his body and admiring all the fitness is pure gold. After a long hiatus I hope this will cure the lack of hotness syndrome you might have had. Enjoy! Read more

It’s Good to be Back!

Zac Efron Making Skateboards Shirtless

First of all, yes I’m still alive and breathing. Second of all, many apologies for not posting any hotness for so long. Normally it’s due to my lazy ass being lazy but this time it’s something totally different – I’ve had a major operation (no, it’s not the cosmetic kind to look more blond and Australian aka Phil Spencer’s type) earlier this month and still recovering. The good news is my libido has zero changes so as I’m feeling much better for the first time today – I will be posting something later. Thank you SO much for your concern – I really, really appreciate all the comments and emails. Well, for all you know I could be fixed permanently on the kitchen floor while my face is being eaten by the neighbour’s cat so you have every right to worry. Anyways to compensate for the lack of hotness during the past four fucking weeks, here’s everyone’s favourite manwhore Zac Efron doing something with skateboards on YouTube. It’s for charity of course, so his nipples naturally have to be out and about. Read more

Wake-up Call

Phil Spencer Shirtless in Secret Agent Down Under

Or more accurately, wake-up call for my lazy ass to get back on the posting saddle. Yes, after a long hiatus I needed something wholesome like this amazing shot of the daddy of all my dreams from “Phil Spencer: Secret Agent Down Under”. There must be a vault full of all the ‘promo beach stills’ that they refused to release in the UK, so because Australians always do it better when it comes to hot men this shot has been used on the Foxtel Anytime website. Thanks to James for bringing this into my life. Read more

Christopher Meloni in Surviving Jack

Christopher Meloni Shirtless in Surviving Jack

In a very similar setting, here’s the daddy of everyone’s wet sloppy dreams, Christopher Meloni in the latest episode of Fox’s new comedy “Surviving Jack” capped by Jair and playing my favorite type of man of all time – the white collared suburban dad. I mean, there’s only two things wrong with this picture – his shirt is still on and he’s not doing Richard Burgi, probably for my own safety as I’d spontaneously combust if that ever happens. Read more

David Walton in About a Boy

David Walton Shirtless in About A Boy

When David Walton (who looks like the adorkable, furrier and less intimidating version of Matt Bomer) first captured my libido when he appeared briefly as the stock funny guy in “Burlesque“, I just knew he’s going to be more that just being a one time character in one of those CSI type things. These are from several episodes of the TV adaptation of “About a Boy” with Minnie Driver (yes she’s still around) featuring a variety of shirtless situations. Considering the amount of time he spent sans shirt divided by the number episodes so far, this series should really be on everyone’s list. Read more

Luke Mitchell & Jeffrey Pierce in The Tomorrow People

Luke Mitchell Shirtless in The Tomorrow People

In an alternate universe deep in the gutter at the back of my head, this scene between Jeffrey Pierce and Australian blond surfer type Luke Mitchell in the latest episode of CW’s “The Tomorrow People” would totally lead to something else. I mean, who can properly deal with salt and pepper goatee on Jeffrey Pierce and that hair on Luke Mitchell, who looks like a showered version of Harry Styles sans the pre-school scribbles. Exports from Australian soaps are plenty in Hollyweird but as long as he keeps the shirt away I’d say Luke is not going anywhere. Read more

Let Me Count the Ways

Matt Bomer in Out Magazine

After you finish admiring Matt Bomer’s beauty and his perfectly trimmed right down to the nanometer stubble, the natural thing to do is count his armpit hair because that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. This is shot by Kai Z Feng for Out magazine doing his bit to promote the long awaited HBO adaptation of the play “The Normal Heart” starring Mark Ruffalo, Taylor Kitsch and Jonathan Groff. Bomer went full Bale / McConaughey and reportedly lost 40 pounds to show the ravages of AIDS on his character. Watch the trailer after the jump. Read more

James Van Der Beek in Friends with Better Lives

James Van Der Beek Shirtless in Friends with Better Lives

There has been a hundred and one of ways getting James Van Der Beek’s clothing off on television, and in this latest exploit in new CBS comedy “Friends with Better Lives” he is doing the manwhore version of the Christmas tree. My only complaint is the lights are a little heavy at the bottom – we don’t want to overshadow the gifts with them stupid lights. Thanks to Jair and Jeff for the caps! Read more

Orlando Bloom in Zulu

Orlando Bloom Shirtless in Zulu

Orlando Bloom was kind of my everything when he first waltzed into the Hollywood scene as Legolas in “The Lord of the Rings” films, but over time other pieces of hotness have surpassed him as my taste in men leans more towards the mature and hairy. These screen captures are from his latest film “Zulu” with Forest Whitaker – a 2013 crime thriller set in South Africa clearly exploits the roughed up and aged Orlando to its full potential. Now to the vital information – buttocks are out on full force, no frontal and several shirtless scenes balanced out all the violent bits of the film so it’s very watchable. Read more