Paul Telfer in Days of Our Lives

Paul Telfer Shirtless in Days of Our Lives

Does anyone remember thisthisthis and (you’ve been warned) this? I really thought Paul Telfer would’ve made it big but he probably have missed the fast Brit train to Hollyweird. These are from “Days of Our Lives” where all the gorgeous men go when they have nowhere else to turn to and it’s not like a bad thing. I’m just so glad that they have a channel for him to display those beefy, furry pecs because it would be a damn shame if they stay hidden from the public eye. Read more

Michiel Huisman in The Age of Adaline

Michiel Huisman Shirtless in The Age of Adaline

Look, these caps by Jair are pretty much self explanatory. It’s Michiel Huisman in “The Age of Adaline” – he’s Dutch, shirtless, hairy, in a towel and wet. Yes, I am stating the obvious, but it’s really just to fill the space here and with that I’ll leave you two alone. Read more

Behold Thor’s Mighty Hammer

Chris Hemsworth Shirtless in Vacation

Before you judge my choice of heading, choose one of the following – you know you had it coming, someone’s got to do it or I couldn’t be bothered to find another one. When I saw this trailer featuring Chris Hemsworth’s massive (fake) member I feel like it is done specifically to get my ass back to post in this website. Everyone’s been talking about the obvious, but for me THE HAIR really does wonders to my libido. I mean, 90’s boyband hair means EVERYTHING to me and Chris delivers. Watch the red band trailer for “Vacation” after the jump if you haven’t already. Read more

Nico Tortorella in Younger

Nico Tortorella Shirtless in Younger

Am I going mad or am I right in seeing an adequately hairy chest next to a variation of the Nickleodeon logo? Never mind that, despite the random ink jobs, Nico Tortorella in TV Land’s “Younger” is probably the hottest furry piece that has ever appeared next to a Nickleodeon logo ever – or is that a normal occurrence now? Who knows what these kids are being served with. Thanks to Jair for the caps and Velvet for the heads up! Read more

Jeremy Irvine in Beyond the Reach

Jeremy Irvine Shirtless in Beyond the Reach

As I am feeling more settled and all the shit are being sorted out, I am hoping I’ll resume with regular updates very soon. This is really one of WHERE IN THE HELL THAT THIS PIECE OF HOTNESS COMES FROM moments. Jeremy Irvine came into the scene as that pretty boy in “War Horse” and has been in some okay films soon after (by okay I really meant there was very little to no exploitation done). Enter “Beyond the Reach” with Michael Douglas – and the person who wrote the part for Jeremy deserves a fucking Oscar because he spent half of the film in his undies (that’s at least a good 15 minutes before it gets gross). You know, I’m all for hairy beasts and all but sometimes you just need to look at a quintessential pretty British boy just to balance it out. I would be lying if I say the stripping scene with Michael Douglas doesn’t make me want to lock the door and reach for the tissues. Read more

Aidan Turner in Poldark

Aidan Turner Shirtless in Poldark

Yes, I’m busy lately with my new stint and unfortunately, it doesn’t involve any of the above so that’s why I’m still here. I haven’t watched much television lately, but when it comes to objectifying men you really have to give it to the Brits. Aidan Turner is a fine furry Irish specimen and has recently shot to manwhoring fame with his role in BBC period drama, “Poldark” – which is basically like post American revolution “50 Shades” but with more intensity. Well, to be honest “Paddington” has more intensity than that mess. It even has inspired this article which was basically an excuse for the author to post a closeup of the above. Thanks to Karma and Jair for this! Read more

Mathieu Quesnel in Real Lies

Mathieu Quesnel Shirtless in Real Lies

As you might notice my ass is heavily preoccupied lately hence the cobwebs. Anyways, here’s a fun challenge for you. This is Mathieu Quesnel from Canadian film “Le vrai du faux” or “Real Lies” capped by Jair and being a non-English language film, YES there is some reward for reading those subtitles (although who needs them when there is so much on offer) and YES ain’t nothing fake about them hanging apparatus. Watch the trailer (or if you’re pressed for time, the last 20 seconds of it) after the jump. Hollywood please take note. Read more

A Lost Otter in Zombeavers

Hutch Dano Shirtless in Zombeavers

Still steering away from Hollywood, here’s Hutch Dano in the dollar bin hit “Zombeavers”. I think they will have better revenue changing it to “The Otter” and playing just this scene for 90 minutes. For anyone who is interested in this furry piece, Hutch Dano also stars in a web series called “Breaking Fat” with his top persistently off. It’s high school drama club production grade so it’s undeniably delicious to watch. Read more

Going Full Continental

Hendrik Duryn Shirtless in Der Lehrer

Time to take a break from all these shameless Hollywood manwhores and go full blown continental. When I look up “MAN” in dictionary, I expect to see the above. Hendrik Duryn is a German actor basically everything I want and more. Thanks to Jair for introducing me to this fine piece of manbeef and you just KNEW that he’s packing the finest bratwurst down there. Yes, yes and hell yes! Read more

Shaved Armpits and Blatant Product Placement: Magic Mike XXL Looks Promising

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XXL

This post is not even tardy to the party, it’s more like TARDIS to the party but as a bookkeeper of hotness it’s an event that needs to be documented even though everybody has left the party, moved, got a job AND a mortgage. “Magic Mike XXL” is cumming but I have to say the marketing whores aren’t working as hard this time so all we have now is this teaser which will keep a lot of bitches happy for the time being with all the grinding action. All that said, as much as I appreciate Matt Bomer’s exploitation in this second one – I feel like it’s a little bit too much. It’s like you’re given 2 bars of Mars instead of the usual 1 and you can’t handle it. That or I just felt the need to guard his beauty. Still better than being in that “50 Shades of Shit” film anyway. Read more