A Reward for 3 Hours of Torture

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless in 87th Academy Awards

There is so much singing a gay guy can take so thank fuck this happened in Sunday’s 87th Academy Awards. I’m not so sure about the sales of grandpa style chonies will shoot up because of this but really, Neil Patrick Harris should’ve done the entire fucking show in that (with some help from Chris Pratt) to get my eyeballs open for 3 hours of this mess. Still the ratings for this year’s Oscars are the lowest in years but I’m pretty sure for some other people, something else is on the up! Read more

Would You Hit It?

Calvin Harris Shirtless

Yes, it’s amazing how much money can do! Calvin Harris used to be your average dorky high school friend who’s into the ‘music and stuff’ but now that he’s the highest paid DJ in the world – he has successfully transformed himself into well, everyone else who has trucks of money, 3 personal trainers, 2 stylists and a dietician! Of course, I’d hit all that with “Acceptable in the 80’s” in the background but I’m not so sure about this Armani panties campaign. Calvin is smizing without giving the Beckham’s constipated look so I guess that’s a good thing. It could be that I’m jealous that he’s using £20 notes as toilet paper while I had to fight old ladies at the bargain bin for the last piece of reduced tomato (don’t let the Yardley lavender scent fool you). Read more

Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid

Derek Theler and Parry Shen Shirtless in General Hospital

This shot capped by Jair from this week “General Hospital” might be what you think it is (i.e the start of something you tend to watch on your own with the door locked and a box of tissues at the ready) but it’s not. Nevertheless, it has happened and of course another great day for manwhoring. If anyone deserves the title of the hardest working manwhore in Hollywood, Derek Theler should have a room full of trophies. Now, excuse me while I draft what happened next in my gutter mind with equally delicious Parry Shen. Yes, the bench will get A LOT of use out of it. Read more

A Truly Wholesome Package

Chris McKenna Shirtless in State of Affairs

My inbox went haywire (yes, I call 3 emails that) last night with the requests coming in from around the globe for Chris McKenna from this week’s episode of “State of Affairs” on NBC. I don’t recall posting anything about this man but boy did I miss out. Chris McKenna is like the result of a holy amalgamation of wet dreams of at least 80% readers on this website and he’s the manbeef equivalent of the fresh organic aisle in Whole Foods. Delicious, wholesome and definitely filling (creamy would’ve pushed it a bit far) – a new screen crush is born. I’d put a ‘yes daddy’ tag on this but after finding out that he’s only few years older than me – I’m going to replace that with ‘eat for days’ and quietly weep in the corner. Thanks to Jair, Mike and everyone who sent this in! Read more

Murray Bartlett’s Chest is What You Need Right Now

Murray Bartlett Shirtless in Looking

It’s evident that Murray Bartlett’s chest deserve a shrine on its own – they’re realised this and when they wrote his part in HBO’s “Looking” they’re made sure his gloriously hairy pecs get the recogintion they deserve. Yes, he looks like he was born with that thick stache but I don’t think many people can forget his soul patch in “Sex and the City”. These are from the third episode of the new season also featuring Scott Bakula’s equally glorious twins. Read more

No Shirt, No Lines, No Fuss Objectification

Ben Foden Shirtless in Hollyoaks

One thing the Brits do well is treat their finest manbeef the way they’re supposed to be treated – objectified and on a pedestal. With a beautiful creation like rugby player Ben Foden it’s a crime not to spread the hotness through all medium available – in this case an episode of soap with almost no lines and of course, no shirt. Not sure how I missed this, but here are some caps from “Hollyoaks” by Jair anyway. Also, it’s refreshing to see that his immaculate body isn’t ruined by random ink unlike most of the full time manwhores out there. Read more

Chris Diamantopoulos in About a Boy

Chris Diamantopoulos Shirtless in About a Boy

Speaking of Canadians, here’s Chris Diamantopoulos in a recent episode of “About a Boy” with a hipster beard and THAT haircut. All that could be a diversion from all that trimming that has been going on his torso, but still, it’s a massive improvement. Read more

Because You Can Never Have Too Much Kris Holden-Ried in Your Life

Kris Holden-Ried Shirtless in Lost Girl

It is a fact that there’s something in the Canadian waters that makes men over there totally delectable, and the one thing you can never have too much of is the scruffy, Chris Martin’s Canuck twin Kris Holden-Ried. These are from a recent episode of “Lost Girl” capped by Jair. He might never go the Ryan Reynolds route and it’s awesome if he does eventually, but who fucking cares. He’s hot and he’s shirtless and looks AMAZING. End of. Read more

Better in HD: Eric Christian Olsen in The Hot Chick

Eric Christian Olsen Shirtless in The Hot Chick

I can’t remember when was the last time we had a proper blond here, so here’s a throwback post of Eric Christian Olsen in “The Hot Chick” with Matthew Lawrence. This was the time when teen flicks and boybands rule the world, but sadly most actors had to be stripped off their body hair so that the target audience won’t be ‘grossed out’. Eric seems to never have graduated from the shaggy look apart from the time when he was desperate enough to do “Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd” and it’s a good thing, currently being all scruffed up in “NCIS: Los Angeles”. Read more

Wake-up Call

Kyle Schmid Shirtless in 88

Why bother waking up when you have a bearded Kyle Schmid in bed? For those of  who isn’t familiar with this fine piece, he’s like Jared Padalecki’s Canadian twin but much hairier. These are from Canadian action thriller “88” capped by Jair. I’d say all the hirsuteness is a massive improvement from his earlier appearance in “Fear Island“. Part of me wanted him in bigger roles but perhaps it’s a good thing that he stays independent because the first thing they’d probably do in Hollywood is to dip him in nair overnight. Read more