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We’re in the press! Only a few months from the start date, has been featured and highly recommended by NEXT magazine, a hip guide for queer New Yorkers. On the period of 22nd to 31st December 2006, HX magazine list as their Site of the Week. With all these fabulous things going on, we figured it’s worthwhile to have a “Reviews” page. Here are the writeups:

Review from NEXT magazine by Justin Ocean:

Have you crammed so many episodes of Lost on your DVR that you’re starting to sweat having enough room for the new season of Desperate Housewives? Free up some space and stop wearing out your remote’s slo-mo button looping Sawyer’s sweaty pecs because has done the footwork for you — and then some. Whether your taste for chests swings from musicians to actors or athletes, British lads or all-American Hollywood types, the site is a one-stop-shop of flesh-baring celebs captured and cataloged for your clicking pleasure. With a straightforward interface, slick design and tongue-in-cheek approach (recent posts included a “Double Shirtless Bonanza!” and “Hunks that begin with the letter ‘J'”), you can cruise and still come off clean — just like watching an episode of Lost with your parents because you’re into… like y’know… the “mystery.”

Site of the Week feature from HX magazine:

Wide Eyed
It’s time consuming, watching all those teeny-bopper shows on the WB – sorry, the CW – and the teen flicks that fill movie theaters every spring, just for a little boy flesh. So save room on your DVR for all those foreign movies you’ve always been meaning to watch and check out, where the best photos of the hottest guys are posted for your delectation. Brandon Routh, Jamie Bamber and Ugly Betty’s Eric Mabius and Chris Gorham have all recently made shirtless appearances on the site, which promises to become the best morning pick-me-up on the web.

Site mention from our friend Joe Meyers in Joe’s View at The Connecticut Post:

Excerpt from article “Model actors/actor models”

… The New York Daily News noted on Friday the “killer abs” of “Hairspray” heartthrob Zac Efron. If you do Google image searches on contemporary young actors, you’ll probably find more beefcake shots of Chris Evans (above) and Paul Walker than cheesecake pics of Julia Stiles or Scarlett Johansson. There are many detailed and graphically sophisticated Websites (such as devoted to spirited analysis and debate on the virtues of Jesse Bradford’s physique vs. that of Christian Bale. The changing body image of men in movies and on TV has filtered through the culture so that high school and college boys who plan on spending lots of time at the beach face pressures that were unheard of for the young men of the 1960s and ’70s. …

Editor’s Pick from Gay Demon:

Men, mainly celebrities caught with their shirts off and blogged about here!

Squarehippies is a totally unabashed blog which raves on and appreciates the male form, with particular interest in hairy guys – an obvious favorite. Another recurring and very hot theme involves “shirtlessness”. A drop down menu to the right of the page offers a stunning array of shirtless actors, athletes and other noteworthy and popular figures, posed in exactly this manner – shirtless. This blog makes no pretense to being anything other than a best effort at presenting the best eye candy the author can dig up. Indeed, what makes it even more special is seeing the diligence over the years of this guy’s efforts – it is actually very impressive. This is not a small, start-up blog whatsoever. This site has very substantial archives of pictures and posts concerning the awesome list of persons chosen for focus. The author also has a great sort of irreverent take on life and on these poses which draws a smile, if not an outright guffaw from time to time. Highly readable, actually surprisingly informative and always a pleasurable visual treat, this blog is a very cool and nearly professional destination.

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